Review: Dryrobe short sleeve Advance robe

Winter swims and cold water surfs, I no longer fear you! I’ve been testing out Dryrobe’s Advance robe, £110, perfect for changing after surfs and keeping the chill at bay after a dip.

Dryrobe review | Dryrobe short sleeve Advance robe

Dryrobe review: Advance short sleeve

Product description: “The dryrobe Advance short sleeve is designed to let you get active outdoors, whatever the weather. dryrobe allows you to change anywhere whilst protecting you from the elements and keeping you warm in any climate. The short sleeve design enables you to get changed quickly and easily. Keep doing the things you love outdoors, with the world’s most advanced change robe.”

Dryrobe review | Dryrobe short sleeve Advance robe

Wild swimming: I’ve been lusting after a cosy Dryrobe for ages, so I was extremely chuffed when Ordnance Survey sent me an OS branded version of the dryrobe Advance short sleeve robe to test out this winter. It’s been a must-pack on my winter wild swims since then, and I love wearing it just before and straight after getting in cold water. The thick, waterproof outer material cuts wind chill instantly and the deliciously fleecy inner lining warms you up fast – sometimes having my robe handy is the only way I can pluck up the courage to dive in in the first place. I can imagine a dryrobe would be perfect for triathlons and outdoor swimming races, when you really need to keep warm between bursts in the water.

Surfing: The time when my dryrobe comes into its own is on winter surf trips. I really dread getting out of the sea and having to try to peel off a wetsuit with numb hands and in a stiff wind, usually only managing to partially hide behind a car door. Having a dryrobe makes getting changed a breeze – it’s so roomy (mine is a medium but it’s pretty huge) that it’s a doddle to get my wetsuit off and my clothes on underneath it. Plus, the robe’s waterproof outer material means that if I’m feeling really lazy I can just drive home in it. The only downside for me as that the Advance is pretty big and bulky, and perhaps not ideal for travelling.

Dryrobe review | Dryrobe short sleeve Advance robe

Verdict: The main feedback I’ve had about Dryrobes is that they are pretty bleeding expensive, which at £110 is definitely true for something you might only wear sporadically. There are cheaper versions available, but Dryrobes really are great quality and seriously warm – I reckon they’ll last you for years. If you’re more of a summer wild swimmer you could get away with a cheaper towelling robe, but for surfers and serious outdoor swimmers who swim year round, this definitely is a great buy.

Dryrobe review | Dryrobe short sleeve Advance robe

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