Video: my health and beauty essentials for travel

Hello! Want to see me pull some really weird faces and sniff Sudocrem? Watch my new video – my essential travel health and beauty bits and bobs for international travel. Take a speedy look inside my rucksack at my must-packs for international travel and hiking trips.

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My Travel Health and Beauty Essentials

You’ll have to watch my video, below, to find out exactly what I pack for any adventure, but these are five of my absolute essentials. Don’t forget to check my packing guides to different destinations.


They may not sound like an obvious essential, but good earplugs are a must for travelling. It’s astonishing how quickly a few nights of bad sleep can sap your energy, especially when you’re hopping between plane rides, busy hostels and time zones. Experiment with ear plugs at home to see what works – foam ones are cheap but effective.

Antibacterial hand gel

A travel must. Your body simply won’t be used to the different bacteria it encounters abroad, and keeping your hands clean will save you from unwanted illnesses when you’d rather be sightseeing. Plus, a bottle of hand sanitiser only costs a few pounds per bottle and is small and easy to carry with you.

Mosquito spray

Mosquito bites aren’t just itchy and annoying – they’re also dangerous in tropical countries, as they can spread diseases such as malaria. Look for a lotion or spray that contains DEET or picaridin as an active ingredient, and consider a mosquito net if you’re headed for the jungle.


No, it’s not just for nappy rash! Sudocrem is an absolute wonder healing cream – it works on sunburn, insect bites, spots, minor burns and any other minor ailment you might get abroad. I take a pot everywhere.

Suncream and aftersun

Ah the magic duo. I’ve definitely been guilty of not always applying or reapplying sunscreen in the past, but these days I’m far more careful, and tend to wear factor 50 on my face when abroad and factor 30 daily in the UK. Of course you technically shouldn’t need aftersun if you’re carefully using sunscreen, but a mild aloe vera gel is still great on your skin if you’ve been adventuring outdoors or if you do get caught in the sun.


My Travel Health and Beauty Essentials video


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