Review: Haglofs Leftover sleeping bag

Review: Haglofs Leftover sleeping bag

Waxing lyrical over Haglof’s new, limited edition Leftover sleeping bag, £140, a design that champions the use of factory off-cuts to create a high-performing and striking sleeping bag.

Haglofs Leftover Sleeping Bag Review


Product description: “Our new sleeping bag looks different because it is different. It is almost entirely made from leftovers, therefore its random colors. High performing materials that, instead of piling on to the world’s growing waste problem, have turned into 105 comfy sleeping bags. We call it Leftover sleeping bag.”

Review: Haglofs Leftover sleeping bag

Going green: Unroll the bright, cheerfully coloured Haglofs Leftover sleeping bag from its compression sack and you know you’re on to something. The Leftover looks just as unique as it is – each is made using off-cut materials from the Haglofs factory, sewn in bright stripes across the mummy-style body. It’s a great concept, and championing the use of scraps and remnant material is something I’d love to see more of in the outdoor industry. The lovely-looking Leftover proves that a product made with discarded materials can look really exciting as well as working as well as a product made with new materials

Sleeping in the wild: So does the Leftover perform well on camping trips? Haglofs’ sleeping bag is rated down to -4°C for comfort and its extreme temperature is -30°C, making it a good choice for spring, summer and autumn camping trips. I’ve used it multiple times in all kinds of weather conditions and it’s been the perfect camping companion – the Leftover is warm but breathable, with a great adjustable hood you can draw in close to your face.

I love the ergonomic mummy shape, the silky lining and the bag’s roomy cut, which is the perfect balance of spacious and cosy and lets you move in the night without letting draughts get in. The bag feels lightweight at 1.7kg, so if you favour a heavier sleeping bag for comfort when sleeping this may not be for you. If, like me, you already own a dedicated sleeping bag for very cold weather (such as Haglofs’ great Tarius bag) this is the perfect addition to your kit cupboard – the perfect three season bag that won’t overheat. The stuff sack is also great quality, and it’s easy to squish the Leftover and compress it down to a size that fits into a rucksack.

Review: Haglofs Leftover sleeping bag

Verdict: A sleeping bag that feels good and does good, the limited edition Leftover is more than an ethical style statement – it’s also a high-performing bag to add to your camping quiver. Only 105 are currently on sale, but Haglofs have plans for more. Snap one up now to plead your allegiance to cutting waste and camping in comfort.


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