A visit to the Farne Islands, Northumberland

A boat ride to the magical Farne Islands, where clownlike puffins potter about by your feet, grey seals loll lazily on the rocks and arctic… View Post

How to: survive a bear attack

How to survive a bear attack This is essential knowledge for the outdoorsy type as you never know when you could come across a Grizzly… View Post

Interview: Sophie Wilford rode the Mongol Derby

In 2015 veterinary surgeon Sophie Wilford took on the toughest horse race in the world. Modelled on Chinggis Khaan’s postal route across the Mongolian steppes,… View Post

Photoblog: an African safari

The first post from my adventures in Kenya this summer – photos from a game drive through the wonderful Oj Pejeta wildlife conservancy. This amazing… View Post

Horse riding across Dartmoor

Giddyingup on a ride across Dartmoor on a gorgeous quarter horse called Fred. I met a proper cowboy and everything. Then I wrote about it… View Post

Cheap and cheerful winter activities

Chilly weather and long dark nights can make you feel a bit tetchy, especially when you’re saving all your dosh for Christmas/just a little bit… View Post

Four amazing Thailand adventures

On Friday I’m giving in to wanderlust and heading to Thailand for a few weeks of elephant cuddling, under water exploring and jungle ziplining. I’m… View Post

Photoblog: a day on Dartmoor

Some days I love my job. View Post

Places to stay: La Senda Verde animal refuge

Last weekend we stayed in one of the loveliest places in the world. View Post

Urban wildlife – foxes in London

It was spellbinding to wake up on a sunny Sunday at my aunt’s house and open the curtains on this beautiful russet-coloured fox having an… View Post

Places to stay: Cuddling reindeer in Lapland

I think a small part of me wasn’t quite sure reindeer were real until we visited Napapiirin Porofarmi Reindeer Farm. The farm’s reindeer are friendly… View Post

Ten Butterflies of the British Isles

The Painted Lady, the Red Admiral and the Grizzled Skipper may sound like characters from a sea-farin’ fairy tale, but they are actually the common… View Post

How to: make an eco bird feeder

Snow is brilliant, I think you will agree, when you are on a country walk that you know will end with a glass of mulled… View Post

Foxhunting – sport or cruelty?

New figures demonstrate that, despite the Hunting Act now having been in force since 2005, fox hunting convictions are rising yearly, with 57 people found… View Post