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How to cycle around Amsterdam

October 27, 2014 § Leave a reply

Hire a rusty fixie bike and explore the cobblestones, cafes and canals of Amsterdam. Pedal power is all you need to discover the city’s gems (well, that and this handy guide to cycling like a local).

Untitled-1 Cycling Around Amsterdam

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Road cycling favourites from Fatbirds

July 23, 2014 § Leave a reply

If the Tour de Yorkshire has gotten you itching to get on your bike this summer, check out Fatbirds, an online treasure trove of road and trail ready cycling kit. Bike lust alert!


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How to: Cycle in a skirt without flashing everyone!

July 13, 2014 § Leave a reply

Do you like to ride your bike? Are you a lady (or indeed a man) who enjoys wearing skirts? This video is about to change things forever. The best life hack ever, and all you need is a penny. Check out the awesome lasses behind the revolution at Penny In Yo Pants.

How to: commute on a bike – a guide to urban cycling

June 23, 2014 § 2 Replies

If you want to ride to work on your bike but find the idea dodging traffic, staying dry and negotiating roundabouts a little overwhelming, I’m here to help! Here are my top tips for zipping about safely and stylishly, gleaned from years of cycling in cities and shouting at bus drivers.

bike City Cycling Guide - How To Cycle Safely In Cities

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Review: Thule RoundTrip Transition bike case

May 24, 2014 § Leave a reply

My review of the Thule RoundTrip Transition case, £444.95, which makes taking your cherished bike on international trips a breeze. As modelled by Katie, on an epic cycle around Lake Como.

Untitled-1 Thule RoundTrip Transition Review

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How to: plan a long distance cycle – the best UK routes

May 21, 2014 § Leave a reply

Part two of my collab with Sustrans to send you on your merry cycling way. Once you’re prepped and ready, these are some of the prettiest UK routes you can get your biking teeth into.

Coast & Castles (July 2008)

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How to: plan a long distance cycle – the ultimate checklist

May 21, 2014 § Leave a reply

Itching to get out on your bike this weekend? I’ve put together this handy guide to getting into long distance rides with cycling charity Sustrans. Just tick off these ten steps and you’ll be pedal ready.

Coast & Castles (July 2008)

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Three Eurostar adventures by bike

May 8, 2014 § Leave a reply

If you’ve got a case of itchy feet this weekend, hop on the Eurostar and go see a beautiful new place by bike. It’s quick and easy, and before you know it you’ll be getting lost in Amsterdam, following the Pilgrim’s trail to Provence or pootling around Paris.


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Bristol by Cyclist

Last weekend I met the lovely Thom Heald, the photographer behind Bristol By Cyclist. He likes bikes and he likes Bristol, and that and a penchant for taking beautiful photos has led to a wonderful gallery portraying different faces of Britain’s ‘Cycling City’. Oh, and there are some very pretty bikes to lust over, too.


Gee and her Bianchi

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How to: get cycling fit with yoga

Feeling a little bit saddle sore? Total Women’s Cycling have just finished a new video series of yoga moves specifically for biking that will show you how to keep flexible and strong – perfect for training during the chilly winter.

Yoga for cyclists: Bridge Pose by Total Women's Cycling a Road Cycling video by Total Women's Cycling

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Israeli Adventures part 2: mountain biking in the Negev Desert

In June I spent a week in Israel discovering the delights of Tel Aviv, biking in the Negev Desert and wandering around the labyrinthine streets of old Jerusalem. Here’s part two of the journey – cycling in the desert. Some photos by the fantastic Mark Stratton.

Photo By Mark Stratton

Photo By Mark Stratton

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Review: Jack Wolfskin Flyweight jacket

I love outdoors kit you can boast about. “Dude, you think your jacket is light? Mine weighs half as much as piece of paper. Yeah, PAPER.”
So I greatly enjoyed testing out my new Flyweight Softshell jacket from Jack Wolfskin (£80) whilst mountain biking around in the Negev Desert in Israel last week. It was hot.


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Five kid-friendly Cornish bike trails

Cornwall’s a bit nice isn’t it? There’s surfing and sunshine and pasties. It’s the stuff bucket-and-spade-holidays were made for. My favourite thing of all to do in the land of cream teas is to bike along the pretty cycle paths that meander through the Cornish countryside, and these five lovely routes from West Cornwall Cottage Holidays are suitable for all riding abilities, and perfect for little ‘uns.

Camel Trail Biker1

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Cycling from Bristol to Oxford with PedalFolk

It all got a bit Famous Five last weekend, when I hit the road with PedalFolk, a band of travelling folk musicians bent on cycling from Bath to the Oxford Folk Weekend, stopping off for gigs, alfresco singing and the occasional cider on the way.


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Cycling chic: gear for biking beauties

Make your morning commute a bit brighter with the coolest new cycle accessories.


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Interview with women’s cycling ambassador Lydia Boylan

National cycling charity CTC have put together a brand new, women-only elite cycling team, to help promote cycling and encourage girls to get on their bikes. The team will be racing both in the UK and abroad, as well as acting as cycling ambassadors, encouraging young women to get on their bikes as part of an active lifestyle. We chatted to girl racer Lydia Boylan about training, competing and chocolate addictions.

image by Huw Williams Photography

image by Huw Williams Photography

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Deer Antler Bike Handlebars for the terribly hip

So gorgeous, so ridiculous. Taylor Simpson‘s ‘Moniker’ handlebars are a masterpiece of cycling design, if you feel like pedalling along about a million miles ahead of the fash pack (and possibly hurting yourself quite a lot if you ever fall over).


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European Outdoor Film Tour

I don’t know when I was last this excited about going to the movies. Nine of the coolest European extreme sports films are on tour across the continent. Get tickets now.

Look mum, no hands! 50 no handed bike moves

It’s a warm and sunny Indian summer afternoon in Soho and I am sitting in an air conditioned office. This is not ideal. Instead I will fantasise about practising these absolutely amazing bike moves courtesy of film director Ninian Doff. I am particularly enjoying the Royal Wave, the MGM Lion and the Cup of Tea. Lovely.

Biking from Cardiff Castle to Castle Coch

My housemate Leo and I went on a little impromptu cycle ride last week along the Taff Trail, which runs from Cardiff Bay to Brecon for 55miles. After a more paltry 8 miles, we ended up at Castle Coch, a stunning, fairy-tale castle near the village of Tongwynlais, which I can’t say and am not completely sure I can spell. The trail is very pretty, hugging the river and passing a huge weir on its way to the castle. The whole thing is traffic free and perfect for cyclists. It was getting late by the time we had biked up the steepest hill I have ever seen to Castle Coch (Leo biked, I walked/biked/pushed/complained), so we had a well-deserved pint in the The Lewis Arms and cycled home. Next time we’re going to do it all (Leo doesn’t know this yet).

Leo is excited about Bute Park

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Five reasons to get on your bike

I love my bike. A whole lot. His name is Walter and he’s worth absolutely nothing, but I think I would need therapy if something happening to him.

I was given Walter (he’s a Raleigh, get it?) by a friend last year, and he has completely changed my life. I have gone from being not particularly fussed by our two-wheeled friends to a convert. Cycling is just so unbelievably fast, cheap, healthy and convenient. I now go pretty much everywhere on Walter, despite his constant ailments.

The lovely 'Andrea' bike

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