Review: SunGod Classic custom sunglasses

Shade your peepers from the sun with awesome, adventure proof and fully customisable SunGod sunglasses, from £45.


Product Description: “A timeless style with unrivalled durability, inspired by an endless quest for the next adventure. Featuring our new 4K Optics® lenses and innovative Adventureproof® flexible frame material, the new Classics² have been engineered to enhance your optical experience and maximise performance.”


Design: There’s something irresistible about getting to customise your own kit, and SunGod’s online system is super easy to use. Pick a style (there’s the Classic, the square Renegade or the aviator-style Maverick) and play with the frame colour, tint of the replaceable lenses and even the hue of the little SunGod petal logo. Be warned – it’s hard not to go mad with power and decide that a luminous lime green frame with acid pink lenses is a good look. I favour the more subtle tortoiseshell look in the flesh. When you’ve created your pair SunGod will pop them in the post to you the same day – fantastic if you’re off on an imminent trip.


On adventures: The Sungods feel lovely to wear – light, solid and comfortable, they’re clearly designed with active explorers in mind, which might explain why every sailor worth their (sea) salt seemed to be sporting a pair at Cowes Week. The frames are rugged, flexible and bendy – if you’ve broken as many pairs of sunnies over the years as I have you’ll appreciate how hard they are to destroy. The lenses have also proved scratch proof. It’s still possible to break SunGods, though, especially if you’re as clumsy as me – the weak chink in their armour seems to be the hinge, which I’ve managed to bend out of shape on my pair. It doesn’t matter if you succeed in breaking yours, though – the Adventureproof® frames are guaranteed for life against breakage, so if they break, SunGod will repair or replace them for free.

I love the simple, clean looks of the Classics, and the frames seem to suit all faces. But the stand-out feature for me of the SunGods is comfort. They’re so light you’ll barely notice them when wearing them, and the lenses are excellent at shielding your peepers, even on water in glaring sunshine.

Verdict: A fantastic price for rugged sunglasses which will go anywhere from boating adventures to summer festivals, and you get to play kit designer. A lifetime guarantee means they’re begging you to see what extreme places you can take them to. Nice one, SunGod. Winter goggles for snowsports are also available and fully customisable.