Climbing packing guide: what’s in my climbing rucksack?

Newbie in the world of sport climbing? I pretty much still am too, and all the gear I took with me to the crags of Mallorca makes the perfect starter pack if you’re a beginner after decent kit to get started with. Come for a tour of my (rather grubby) climbing rucksack and use it as a climbing packing guide.

beginner's rope climbing kit Climbing packing guide The Girl Outdoors

Climbing packing guide

beginner's rope climbing kit Climbing packing guide The Girl Outdoors

IN MY CLIMBING KIT BAG: A beginner’s rope climbing kit
big_5dbc9e4ff18f4b8b81ca563c4ee3bed2Simond rock helmet £14.99 from Decathlon
This cheap-as-chips helmet still complies with the EN12492 mountaineering standards which will keep your bonce safe in a fall, and is comfortable on and easily adjustable.

big_7e055e98-65e8-474e-aef5-72725d6f7569Simond Rocky pack of five quickdraws, £29.99 from Decathlon
You can’t help but feel bad ass striding up to a new route with quick draws clinking gently on your harness. Unless you immediately fall off, of course. These packs of five bent gate karabiners are lightweight and great for starting out on lower sports routes.

big_b9d22fd9703d4745967a719c0bf2913cSimond 9.8mm x 70m rope, £79.99 from Decathlon
Too long for indoors, my rope is better for the big walls and multi pitching, but I own it to complement the shorter ropes my mates bring along to our climbing sessions. If you can only afford to buy one length of rope, try the Simond 60m rope (£69.99). Simond’s ropes are surprisingly light and well made, easy to flake and treated for protection against dirt and sharp edges.

250839Edelrid Jayne II harness, £60 from Cotswold Outdoor
A comfortable and durable harness, the Jayne II is a versatile choice at a good price. It does size up really large through (mine is an extra small). I recommend popping into Cotswold Outdoor in person to get fitted – they’ll let you try on myriad different types of harness and even hang you from the ceiling to check you like the one you want to buy.

51b-bif0uqlSinging Rock chalk bag, £6.29 from Total Access Online
Cheap, cheerful and functional, and the roomy fleece inside holds a decent amount of chalk. If you lose chalk bags as often as I do you’re going to want something simple like this Singing Rock number.

wild-country-pro-lite-belay-deviceWild Country Pro Lite belay device, £19 from GO Outdoors
As much as I see the sense in grigris, I like the simplicity of a tuber belay devices like this Wild Country Pro Lite. They’re easy on the pocket, too, which might explain why everyone seems to have them at climbing walls.

1356019001_gBoreal Luna climbing shoes, £74.99 from Ellis Brigham
My climbing shoes are so old and worn now that they’ve been discontinued and I’m in dire need of new ones, but these red Lunas are Boreal’s newer version of my knackered pair. They have stood me proud indoors and out for three years. If you’re a beginner these are a great shout – their laces make them much more adjustable than velcro and they aren’t punishingly tight.

beginner's rope climbing kit Climbing packing guide The Girl Outdoors

beginner's rope climbing kit Climbing packing guide The Girl Outdoors

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