Fantastic fitness kit for winter training

If you’re lacking motivation to get out and exercise in the cold and rain, I hear you – I’m currently mainlining chocolate digestives and watching another storm approaching on the horizon. However help is to hand! Try togging yourself up in my favourite warm and wonderful pieces of sport wear – they’ll cheer up any workout.

winter training kit

1. Climalite running gloves, similar from £11 from Adidas
Thin, comfortable moisture-wicking gloves you can stuff in your pocket and crack out when it’s chilly. These Adidas digit-warmers are felted and cosy but not waterproof, so they’re better kept icy morning runs on the common. iPhone-friendly finger fabric mean you can selfie your heart out without taking them off, too.

2. A360 Fitness tracker, £154.50 from Polar.
A Polar fitness tracker is basically a little mate you can wear on your wrist who will scream ‘NO EXCUSES!’ at you. If anything is going to get you moving during winter, it’s this fabulous waterproof monitor. Tiny yet powerful, it checks your heart rate, steps, calories burned and tons more. It’ll even let you know if you get a call or text mid-sprint. I’ve just started working out with mine but I’m a big fan so far, and my full review is coming soon.

3. Shock Absorber Ultimate run bra, £35.95 from Boobydoo
Let’s get over the fact that I cannot stop gigging at how cute a name Boobydoo is. They stock seriously great sports bras, and a bit of support goes a very long way when you’re pounding pavements or lapping the common on your bike. I love my Shock Absorber bra – it’s a little fiddly to do up but once one it fits like a glove. For your boobs. And it won the Women’s Running Award in 2015, so you know it’s a good’un.

4. Fox Tor Beanie, similar from £18 from Dewerstone
Dewerstone’s Merino wool beanies are warm without being itchy and stay put on my freezing morning runs around the harbour. I wear mine under my cycling helmet on frosty rides.

5. Petzl Tikkina head torch, £15 from Cotswold Outdoor
A no-nonsense, simple to use head torch that sits well on the forehead and stays steady even if you don’t. A decent light like this means there’s no excuse not to go for a park run on a winter evening.

6. Nike scoop-back bra, £19.99 from Get The Label
Get the Label‘s fantastic fitness range matches their ethos to #stayfitdontquit all year round. Update your workout kit with this hardworking sports bra from their Nike collection – the scoop back gives you freedom to move whilst the padded cups support even in high intensity workouts. A winner, especially for under £20.

7. Leap No.1 vest, £55 from Victor and Leap
Victor and Leap’s sexy, sleek and female-specific collection of sport wear is perfect for updating your kit drawer. This soft tank is breathable, comfortable and wicks away sweat. It looks gorgeous on, too – these classy garms are made for Instagramming your rad workout outfit and making the rest of the spin class jealous.

8. Atom SL hoody, £170 from Arcteryx
I’m a longtime fan of Arcteryx’s designs, and the Atom hoody ticks all my boxes. Insulated and warm, lightweight and easy to wear, this is the perfect mid layer for outdoor workouts and trail runs, under a ski jacket on the pistes and over a cycling jersey on the road. Totally portable, just stuff it in your pocket and pull it on when the wind bites. My full review is coming soon.

9. Only Play Maxime Training Tights, £24.99 from Get the Label
Hello new favourite yoga tights! These boast great stretch and are so silky you’ll catch yourself stroking your own legs in public. The wide elasticated waistband stays put however many headstands you put it through, and the thicker material makes these perfect for cold weather yoga, running and climbing. I love the bright geometric print, too.

10. Uller Yak wool base layer, £90 from Jottnar
Stroking a yak must be a seriously nice experience, because the baselayers Jottnar make from their wool are silky, soft and like wearing a very warm hug. If you’re a fan of merino wool then you’re about to be converted – these baselayers are stretchy and comfortable all day and breathable when you’re upping your heart rate yet warm and cosy when you’re static. A fantastic go-anywhere layer which is perfect for winter climbing, hiking and skiing. Jottnar are inspired by Nordic mythology of Thor’s fight against mountain giants when creating technical clothing for extreme weather – the gods are with them on this one.

11. Waterproof iPhone case, £24.98 from Lifedge
100% waterproof and shockproof, pop this amazing case on your iPhone and you can take it on any adventure. It’s great for underwater fish selfies, but back in Blighty I use it for running in the rain so I can still blare Beyoncé into my eardrums if I’m jogging in a squall.

12. Stealth road running shoes, similar from £60 from Vivo Barefoot
Shake up your winter routine and give barefoot running a try with these light shoes – they let the soles of your feet connect properly with the ground for more control and better posture. Learning to run in them takes some training, but you’ll be hooked. Trail runners should grab a pair of the grippier Trail Freaks.


All togged up? If it’s a really bitter morning try warming up first in a cosy fleece jacket from – a lightweight one will scrunch up in your rucksack once you’re on the move. Fill yer pockets with energy bars – I like Clif‘s protein bars and shots. And if you’re planning an epic run somewhere remote, take a portable water filter with you as well as your water supply, just in case you get lost (or extra thirsty).