11 apps to take on your next camping trip

The Best Camping Apps: What are you planning for your next camping trip? Fancy learning to tell Cassiopeia from Canis Major in the night sky, tie a handy figure eight knot or identify which bird is chirping outside your tent in the morning? There’s an app for that. Download some of Haven’s great pick of camping apps and see what skills you can teach yourself.

best camping apps

Best Camping Apps

Knowledge is power, my friends. And the great thing about the wonders of modern technology is that it’s easy to attain. Next time you go camping fill your smart phone up with Haven’s pick of the best camping apps. Some are fascinating (learn to identify stars), some will help you plan the perfect weekend (by finding your local nature reserve or plotting the sun’s movements) and some could even save your life (there’s a super-handy first aid app and a guide to survival skills). And before you go you can plan with packing lists and weather guides. Now all you need to remember are the marshmallows.

best camping apps