Places to stay: going off-grid at Mrs Higgs Lodge

Mrs Higgs Lodge Review: leave technology behind and escape to an off-grid cottage for a digital detox in deepest, darkest Herefordshire at the charming Mrs Higgs Lodge. Read my review for BBC Countryfile Magazine.

Mrs Higgs Lodge review

Mrs Higgs Lodge Review

We use more technology than ever before, so it’s no wonder that digital detoxes in the great outdoors sound pretty appealing. How does it really feel to switch off and escape to the woods? I stayed in a remote woodland cottage far from the madding iPhones to find out.

“So how does it really feel to go tech-free for a weekend? Britain may be a busy place, but there are still pockets where you can find a little wild space to call your own. I stayed at Mrs Higgs lodge, a tiny wooden cottage nestled far, far from the madding crowds in 3,000 acres of woodland in Herefordshire. Zero phone signal filters down into this leafy glade.”

This delightful cottage feels like a secret, hidden in woodland that feels like it hasn’t changed for centuries. The Lodge may have been made into a cosy holiday cottage, but as little as possible has been changed – it’s totally off-grid, and whilst it may have hot water and a stove you can use to heat the house, it still feels like a simpler way to live. It’s so good for your health to switch off your phone for a few days, and using limited electricity and water reminds you anew that these are precious commodities. Out here in the woods your days are all about long walks, reading books by candlelight and, of course, soaking in the wood-burning hot tub next to the lodge. An off-grid haven.

Mrs Higgs Lodge review: Read the full article for BBC Countryfile Magazine here
Mrs Higgs Lodge review

Mrs Higgs Lodge review

Mrs Higgs Lodge review

Four nights at Mrs Higgs lodge costs from £471. Book via Quality Unearthed.

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