Review: Eagle Creek Lync Special Edition travel bag

A bag that can switch from backpack to case on wheels in the blink of an eye, Eagle Creek’s EC Lync, £342, aims to be as useful on the runway as it is over rough ground. So is this the definitive carry-on bag?


Product description: “Made with Bi-Techª, 420D Helixª Dual Ripstop, and PU-coated zippers, EC Lyncª Limited Edition clearly has the upper hand on weather protection. Retaining an ultra-light and versatile carry, this bag boasts of premier findings, padded pocketry, and four ways it transports.”

On the road:

The Eagle Creek EC Lync Carry-On has definitely been designed with adventurers in mind. Its most obvious calling card is how quick it is to switch up, Transformer like, from wheelie bag to rucksack by clipping on a pair of sturdy straps. They then pop off again and store neatly in a zipped compartment.


I’d argue, though, that the bag loses a little of the best of either king of bag by trying to manage both. The solid square frame means that the backpack incarnation isn’t super comfortable over long distances, so if you want to take it hiking you’ll need to snap off the frame and wheels completely and leave them behind. The wheeled, pull-along version of the bag is a tad less roomy than other standard airplane carry-on wheeled bags I’ve tried – perhaps this is due again to the rather bulky frame. I’ll often try to get away with cabin luggage if I’m on a long weekend and can sometimes manage to pack wetsuits and even skiing gear in bigger cabin bags – the EC Lync fits 43l which is only really room for a few changes of clothes and pair of shoes or two.



That said, there are lots of great features on the EC Lync. It looks, feels and performs like a great quality, well thought-out bag. The outer shell is fully waterproof, tough and quick to wipe clean. The whole bag is light, at just 2.07kg. On wheels it rolls along like a dream, even on dodgy surfaces, and if you come to a dirt track you can flip to a backpack and be away, no swear. The whole bag also magically stuffs down tiny, genie like, and can be stored in the canvas bag which comes with it. Ideal if you live in small space with limited cupboard space.


Verdict: A well-designed, waterproof bag ideal for weekend travellers. The EC Lync comes with a hefty price tag though, and in my view if you’re on a budget you’d be better off just buying both a hard cased, carry-on sized wheeled bag and a proper rucksack to use together or on their own (and you’d probably still end up saving money). Eagle Creek also offer other great roll cases, including bigger sizes for a lot less dollar. But if you often jet off on city weekends or short summer trips and like to pack light and travel versatile, and don’t want tons of travel bags taking up space at home, plumping for the the EC Lync could work well.