Fresh new gear for spring

Hello sunshine! It’s been a while. Celebrate the clocks going forward and the beginning of adventure-appropriate weather with my favourite pieces for outdoor living and a bit of bike spring cleaning.


spring things

Clockwise from left.

1. Tarpaulin hat, £28.99, the Tarp Hat Company
These amazing travel hats look loved and lived in before you’ve even worn them anywhere – no wonder, as the tarp they’re made from once travelled on open cargo trucks from the Amazonas to the south of Brazil. Basically, you’ll never be as badass a traveller as your hat was. The tarp hats are also extremely comfortable, fully wateproof and downright unbreakable. This is a proper adventurer’s hat – perfect for travels in the jungle and the tropics.

2. Currambera hammock, £51, Love The Sign
I can’t think of anything better on a sunny afternoon than a chill session in one of these sumptuous hammocks, stocked by Love The Sign (check out their range of beautiful garden furniture). Columbian brand La Siesta (which, aptly, means ‘nap’ in Spanish) make traditional, insanely comfortable hammocks of thick, primary-coloured cotton. I defy you not to instantly fall asleep in one.

3. Original Buff, £15.76 from Buff Wear
A Buff (short for ‘bufanda’, the Spanish for scarf) is a hiker’s livesaver in any weather. These lightweight tubular scarves are a firm favourite with explorers and runners alike – the breathable fabric can we worn around your neck or to protect your face and ears on cold days, and to keep the sun off your head or as a sweatband in warmer weather.

4. Yellow Poncho, £55, the People’s Poncho
Cyclists, take note – this beautifully designed waterproof poncho is perfect for commuting and rainy spring bike rides. Leg straps and a peaked hood keep you completely dry, in a downpour, and the bright yellow material and reflective detailing mean you’ll be easy to spot at night. The People’s Poncho even packs up into a nifty little bag when you’re done. Buy it now for riding and it’ll see you through a summer of festivals, too.

5. Bella Vista outdoor LED lamps, £85, Love The Sign
Create an Instagram-worthy summer picnic by stringing up these big and beautiful Italian-style bulbs in the garden. The Bella Vista lights work indoors and outdoors, and the energy-saving bulbs cast a warm, golden light which might just trick you into thinking you’re in Tuscany.

6. Muc-Off X3 Dirty Chain machine, £19.49, Cycle Republic
I’m not particularly bothered about spring cleaning my house but I LOVE giving my road bike a good sprucing up. This clever chain cleaner scours off grease and grime in seconds and is weirdly satisfying to use. Clip it to your chain, run your chain backwards and watch the X3 does its sorcery. A much cheaper option in the long run than having to replace your knackered chain regularly.


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  1. Anna
    April 5, 2017 / 12:20 pm

    If we had a garden I would totally get a hammock again. Have you ever hammock-camped? That’s something I’ve always wanted to try also.
    I also really need to get one of those Muc Off chaing cleaners. My road bike is in need of some more regular TLC and those are so easy to use.