Review: Scarpa Velocity V climbing shoes from GO Outdoors

Rocking out in the Scarpa Velocity V, an easy and fuss-free climbing shoe aimed at beginners and available at the very purse-friendly price of £59 from GO Outdoors.

Scarpa Velocity V review

Scarpa Velocity V review

Product description: “Comfortable, multi purpose shoes that are ideal for multi pitch climbing or entry level gym climbing.”

On the rocks: Starting out in the world of bouldering or sport climbing? You might hear that good climbing shoes should fit so tightly they hurt like hell. If you ask me, this is rubbish – unless you’re an advanced climber who is really pushing their grade, a tiny bit of extra grip just isn’t worth the pain. Start out with comfortable, well-made climbing shoes and you’re more likely to get hooked on the joys of scaling rock – you can always buy a pair of tiny Borrower’s shoes down the line.

Climbing shoes are a really personal choice. Everyone’s feet are different, and you might find that one brand makes models which fit you the best. For me, that’s Scarpa – all their designs fit me perfectly. And whilst I’d recommend trying on a few pairs of shoes in person when you’re hunting for your first pair, you can’t really go wrong with the versatile, beginner-friendly Velocity V.

I usually prefer lace-up climbing shoes, but the Velocity’s velcro straps give a great adjustable fit and are easy to pull on and off. The shoes hug your feet close but aren’t restrictive, even if you’re standing about belaying for ages – these would be a great choice for a climbing holiday or a long day of multipitch climbing. The microfibre uppers are breathable and flexible, and the soles give surprisingly sticky grip, but are rather thick – if you’re progressing to technical moves you should pick an advanced shoe with a thinner sole instead.

Scarpa Velocity V review

Verdict: A comfy, foot-friendly and tough entry-level shoe at a great price. If you’re getting into climbing and are sick of renting climbing shoes, go straight for a pair of Velocity Vs (GO Outdoors also stock a men’s version). They’d also suit advanced climbers looking for a comfier pair of shoes to warm up in or for long days on the rock. If you’re on the hunt for your second pair of shoes, try something more aggressive, such as the Scarpa Vapour, £99.

Scarpa Velocity V review



  1. April 30, 2017 / 5:28 pm

    I joined a climbing wall here in Durham back end of last year. I love it! My arms have doubled in size, haha! I’d get to the top forgetting I had to climb back down.

  2. sian
    May 2, 2017 / 12:39 pm

    Well done! It’s such a quick route to strong arms isn’t it 🙂