Video: My essential kit for adventure travel

Hello intrepid travellers! In my latest video I’m talking you through my favourite bits of kit for international travel – this is the gear I’ve had for years and always chuck in my bag wherever I’m travelling.


Adventure travel packing list video

Here’s all the information on the bits of kit mentioned in my video.

Scarpa Peak GTX hiking boot, £160: These beauties have the ease and comfort of a fabric boot with the toughness and all-weather tech of a leather one, and can withstand any storm you care to chuck at them.

Teva Terra FI Lite sandals, £29.99: Take three straps of tough fabric, a sole and lash them together; hey presto, you’ve got yourself an amazing sports sandal. Founded in the 1980s after a bright spark attached a watch strap to a flip-flop and realised he was on to something, Teva’s iconic ‘C’ design and grippy soles make them perfect for hikes and summer adventures.

Drybags, various sizes from AquaPac from £30: Use lightweight drybags to pack efficiently and then waterproof your bits and bobs when surfing or canoeing.

Petzl Tikkina headtorch, £15.44: I’ve used my Petzl headtorch for countless hours of nocturnal adventures over the past four years and have yet to change the batteries. Pretty impressive, no? Petzl’s Tikkina costs under £20 and is simple to use, easy to adjust and shines a decent light for hiking and camping at night. Job done.

North Face Base Camp duffel, £115: Rugged, water resistant and allergic to rips and tears, North Face’s duffels in bright colours are a staple bit of kit on river expeditions and far-flung adventures.

Lifeedge waterproof phone case, £19.99: Shockproof and 100% waterproof to one metre, this bit of kit means to take on the world with you and your iPhone. Stick it on your bike and use your phone for GPS in torrential rain or dive under the waves for an aquatic selfie – it can take it.

Aqualung Favola snorkel, £36.95: A decent snorkel is worth investing in to save renting them on the beach, and having your own mask makes diving a lot more comfortable. I like split eye masks and have an Aqualung Favola (£54), but get a dive shop to fit a mask for you to make sure it feels snug on your mug.

Buff neckwarmer, £15.76: These lightweight tubular scarves are a firm favourite with explorers and runners alike – the breathable fabric can we worn around your neck or to protect your face and ears on cold days, and to keep the sun off your head or as a sweatband in warmer weather.

Travel liner, £15: A comfy, lightweight liner that’s small and easy to pack – use instead of a sleeping bag on hot nights.

LifeStraw Go bottle, £35: Water is one of the heaviest things to negotiate when packing a rucksack for a long hike, and if I know I’ll be near regular water sources on a walk I just take a Life Straw bottle instead. Simply fill the bottle up from a stream or a lake and the inner purifying tube will filter the contents into clean, safe, water. The Life Straw Go even has a carbon filter to take any brackish taste away.

Glidesoul spring suit, £105: I love this stripy long-sleeved number – it keeps shoulders and arms warm and safe from the sun but the bikini cut leaves legs free to be flexible for surfing, swimming or SUP yoga.


Do you have any questions about adventure travel? Just give me a shout.