Sponsored post: Six incredible places to sleep around the world

Where you do you want to sleep tonight? How about a floating den, your very own lighthouse or a treehouse surrounded by friendly monkeys? They’re all on my list of amazingly quirky places to stay around the world, chosen for The Sleep Advisor.

Quirky places to sleep around the world
Image via The River Den

Six quirky places to sleep around the world

1. The Mirror Cube, Norrbotten, Sweden
It may take you a little while to locate your home for the night – the mesmerising mirror cube sits high in the trees and reflects the Nordic forests all around it. It may look alien-like from the outside but walk along the rope bridge head inside – you’ll find a cosy Scandi bolt-hole with a big comfy bed, and you even get your very own roof terrace. Available to rent via Canopy and Stars.

2. The River Den, Quebec, Canada
This tiny floating house is the AirBnB listing I lust after the most. This mini pirate ship may not boast hot water, electricity, or a fridge but it does come with a crackling wood stove, a sleeping loft and a top deck perfect for evening stargazing or morning yoga. And in the summer you can just jump off into the Gatineau River for a swim.

3. La Senda Verde Treehouse, Coroico, Bolivia
One of the most amazing places I’ve ever bedded down for the night. La Senda Verde animal refuge in Coroico, Bolivia sits in the heart of the jungle and creates a totally open space to rehabilitate mistreated animals. The animals are free to roam the area, meaning that every tree over your head or bush next to your feet magically contains a friendly howler monkey or squawking guinea fowl. The refuge’s gorgeous treehouse has two tiny little floors to sleep on, a rope bridge to access it and a balcony overlooking the valley. But what’s more exciting is that in the morning the resident howler and spider monkeys of the sanctuary will drop in – literally – to see you, swinging through the trees to hang out on your balcony.

4. Rua Reidh Lighthouse, Ross Shire, Scotland
Ever dreamed of running away to live in a lonely lighthouse? May I suggest Rua Reidh, a real working one on the rugged coast of Loch Ewe. Ideal for nature lovers, as whales, dolphins, otters and even sea eagles can all be spotted from its windows, and for hikers – the peaks of the Isle of Skye are a short hop away.

5. The Kakslauttanen Glass Igloos, Arctic Circle, Finland
Imagine, if you will, falling asleep, warm and cosy, whilst a million stars shine above you and the northern lights cast arcs of colour across the sky. No problem, space kids – Kakslauttanen Arctic Resort‘s glass igloos let you stargaze under the heavens in the middle of a snow-laden fores somewhere north of the Arctic Circle. This has got to be one of the most amazing glamping experiences in the world.

6. The Great Barrier Reef, Whitsundays, Australia
Reefsleep (00 61 748 467 000; cruisewhitsundays.com/gbra-reefsleep.aspx) is a totally unique way to experience the wild expanse of the Great Barrier Reef. A three-hour boat journey from Airlie Beach out into the middle of the ocean deposits you on a big, bobbing pontoon – Reefworld, sitting lonely on the edge of the coral, surrounded by miles and miles of sea. Spend the day snorkelling, diving or even boarding a helicopter for a scenic flight over the reef. Then spend the night out under a sky bright with stars, sleeping in a comfy swags, an Oz tradition that’s a mix of tent and sleeping bag.


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