Sponsored post: Paddleboarding in Canada with Clif Bar

Ready to feed your adventure? I’ve been fuelling my travels by paddleboard in Canada with Clif Bar’s fantastic oat bars and delicious energy gels.


The classic, all-American Clif Bar is one of my favourite energy bars to pack for adventures – unlike a lot of protein bars, they’re actually really tasty (rather like cookies) as well as nutritious. I’ll always carry one in my backpack pocket, and I’ve even relied on them as a quick breakfast or a mid-plane snack on long journeys, as they fill you up (they come in at 271 calories per bar) without feeling like a heavy meal. They’re made with organic rolled oats, but also pack vitamin B6 and B12.


When I’m getting really active I prefer the Clif Bloks, and they’re always tucked into my cycling jersey for a quick energy hit. The sweet and sour Margarita flavour is delicious. They may feel like chewing on cubes of jelly but a 33-calorie Blok instantly tops up electrolye levels and replenishes salt, too. They’re pretty genius – but perhaps not a surprising addition to Clif’s Bar’s product lineup, as Clif Bars were first dreamed up on a bike 20 years ago.

I’ve just got back from exploring Astotin Lake in Alberta, Canada. I headed out on a mission to paddle across it, so favourite Clif Bar, the chocolate chip (though I also love the peanut butter and mint chocolate Clif Bars) came with me for a mid-lake energy hit.



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  1. Tim Mellor
    September 15, 2017 / 5:14 pm

    Clif bars are the best but energy gels always give me a headache for some reason.