Staying active all winter with Dickies Workwear

Winter is coming. But that’s no reason to hibernate – on dark, chilly days we need fresh air and exercise more than ever. Wrap up warm in cosy and practical Dickies Workwear kit and get outdoors more often with my easy tweaks to staying happy all winter.


They say there’s no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. When the wind howls and snow pelts it can be very tempting to cocoon yourself indoors and wait for the warmer weather to return. But even half an hour spent outdoors will massively help your energy levels and give you a boost of Vitamin D – even if you can’t see the sun on greyest day you’ll still get its benefits, promise!

Now that November is approaching I’ve snapped up some practical layers from Dickie’s Workwear. Their warm and tough unisex gear is ideal for winter dog walking, gardening and working outdoors. I love this super cosy Portland fleece shirt, £35, which is padded inside – it’s the perfect coat-meets-jumper. And these warm women’s Corbett safety boots, £60, have reinforced toes, making them ideal for gardening and yard work.





Cycle to work
Swap the car or the bus for a cycle to your office. I used to make sure I cycled the 1.5hour ride from Bristol to Bath once a week in the winter – it was tough and cold but it also made me much happier and healthier. Plus if you cycle to work you can eat ALL the office cake, no problem.

Plan a lunchtime walking route
When I worked full time at Countryfile Magazine my friend Maria and I would view our lunch hour as a challenge to see how far we could walk – we could even manage a swift lap of Bristol Harbour if we were speedy. A walk breaks up the day and gives you tons more energy for the afternoon ahead – much better than lunch al desko.

Do some winter gardening
Your garden may look a bit forlorn once the first frost has hit it but there’s actually plenty you can do to prep it for spring. Clear up winter leaves, build you compost heap, insulate pots with bubble wrap and make bird feeders to help little critters survive the winter. No garden? Sign up at a community garden and do a day of volunteering – working in my local allotment is my favourite day of the week.

Sign up for a trail run
There’s nothing like the motivation (or panic) of knowing that a winter trail run or triathlon is looming on the horizon. I’ve signed up for Endurance Life‘s next half marathon, and the thought is getting me out running whenever I can in autumn, a lovely way to watch the trees slowly turn orange and gold.

Sunday pub walks
I probably don’t have to sell you on this idea. Gather up friends and dogs and head for the country on a Sunday morning for a circular walk that ends up at a great pub. There’s nothing like a frosty stomp followed by a roast by the fire to put colour in your cheeks and cheer you right up. Sawdays list some lovely walking pubs.

Book in a long weekend in Britain
Stay in one of my favourite winter escapes, from a Cornish fishing village to lost forests and the Scottish highlands. Who fancies cosying up in a stone bothy, a cute cottage or even a tent on the moors?




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  1. Georgie
    October 21, 2017 / 3:59 pm

    I love these ideas! Your posts inspire me to get outside so much, thank you for writing this blog.