Review: Keen Elsa winter snow boots

Stomping about in icy weather in Keen’s adorable Elsa snow boots, £99.99. Outdoor-ready and very nice to look at, these tribal-printed delights are perfect for miserable winter days.

Review: Keen Elsa winter snow boots

Review: Keen Elsa winter snow boots

Product description: “From tapping maple trees to strolling city sidewalks, the Elsa Boot has you covered. The water resistant PU leather and textile upper combines with a warm Sherpa fleece collar and heat reflecting underfoot barrier to keep you warm.”

Rain showers: I’m wearing my Elsa boots to write this very review, mainly because a raging storm is tapping at the windows and I’m psyching myself to go outside in a minute. As waterproof as wellies but far more comfortable, the Elsa’s fleecy liner and thick rubber bottoms make them easy pull-on footwear for the dark, thunderous British winter. Plus, they’re so lightweight you’ll forget you’re wearing them, unlike some clunky rubber snow boots. Waterproof, light and comfortable, the Elsa is everything I’d expect from one of my favourite gear companies.

Snow days: My boots came with me to Tignes in France and tramped about happily in the snow from chalet to après and on walks amongst the pine trees. The super grippy soles are ideal for ice and your feet will stay dry even when jumping into snowdrifts. The downdside to the Elsas is they only keep your feet as warm as a regular pair of boots, despite their cosy fleecy lining. If you’re working outside all day or looking for boots to take you through a winter season I’d pick something with a thicker lining and sole. However if you’re hunting for something to wear around a snowy mountain town after a long day’s ski touring then the Elsas are ideal, especially if paired with woolly socks.

Verdict: Great all-purpose winter boots which are comfortable to wear from the get-go. Plus in typical Keen style they’re a little bit quirky, too – there are lots of functional winter boots out there but not many can be as downright pretty as Keen’s tribal-print beauties. Mine are Dress Blue but I’m also rarther partial to the lovely brown Tortoise Shell version. If you need cheering up before spring then these boots are perfect. I could tell you how much fun they are to wear but instead I’ll let this GIF do the work for me.


Review: Keen Elsa winter snow boots




  1. February 8, 2016 / 2:16 pm

    These are gorgeous! Like you I love the tortoise shell ones! I’m impressed that they are fully waterproof- are they still breathable?

  2. Jess T
    February 17, 2016 / 8:19 pm

    This was a really helpful review– thanks!!