The best women’s snowsports gear of 2017/2018

Ready to hit the pistes? I’ve been testing out the best snow jackets, salopettes and base layers for The Independent. My top picks will keep your warm and happy in the mountains all winter.

The best women's snowsports gear of 2017/2018

Snowsports kit isn’t cheap, so if you’re trying skiing or snowboarding for the first time it’s worth begging or borrowing a jacket and salopettes (waterproof ski trousers) to wear. But if you’re planning a week-long trip in the Alps or spending a season working in the snow then it’s time to invest in a good jacket, salopettes and a decent set of base layers to wear underneath. My tried-and-tested top picks for for the 2017/18 season, tested for The Independent, will all do you proud, and there are great choices for every budget.


A ski jacket should be warm and waterproof (look for one that’s waterproof to at least 10,000mm). A generic waterproof jacket will definitely do if you’re just trying out skiing or snowboarding but a snow-specific jacket will have extra design goodies to keep you cosy, dry and happy at sub-zero temperatures, and thus is worth investing in for a regular ski holidays or a ski season.


Whether you call them ski pants or salopettes, a good pair of warm and waterproof trousers are just as important as a decent jacket for skiing and snowboarding trips. Quality ski pants perform two functions – they keep you warm when you’re zooming down a mountain slope and they keeps you dry if you end up in a pile of snow at the end of said slope.


It may sound like something your granny would advise but it really is worth investing in a great set of thermals for cold weather, and they’re especially useful for skiiers and snowboarders. Wear below salopettes and a ski jacket for warmth on the ski lifts and breathability when you’re tearing down the piste.