How to get your mitts on a signed copy of The Girl Outdoors

You lovely lot have been requesting signed copies of The Girl Outdoors, and as both the blog and the book have just been shortlisted as blog of the year and book of the year at the Travel Media Awards 2018, now seems like a good time to comply!

The Girl Outdoors book

Meet THE GIRL OUTDOORS – the wild girl’s guide to adventure, travel and wellbeing: An adventurous best mate in book form, The Girl Outdoors is a rip-roaring guide to the wider, wilder world. Whether you’re going on a physically demanding expedition or making cordial from foraged berries, this beautiful book is packed with inspiring and attainable ideas and advice. The Girl Outdoors warmly welcomes you to a wilder way of life and ensures you’ll never again have to experience FOMA (Fear Of Missing Adventures).

Fancy a signed copy of The Girl Outdoors book?

I have a limited number of books available to sign – perfect as presents or if you’re being really organised pre-Christmas…

Shiny signed copies of The Girl Outdoors cost £12 each including postage, if you’d like one drop me a line at and I’ll pop one in the post to you.