The Outdoors Christmas gift guide 2018

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Be the super-organised person you always wish you were and buy all your Christmas gifts early this winter, with a little help from my extremely handy gift guide. There’s something for everyone, from your adventurous bestie to your outdoors-loving Secret Santa.

The Outdoors Christmas gift guide 2018

The Outdoors Christmas gift guide 2018

1. Log fire candle, £7.95 from Muji
For: the cabin lover
Wish you had a crackling log fire to get all hygge next to when the weather gets chilly? This lovely candle from Muji is the next best thing. It smells deliciously of burning wood, comes in a handy tin and costs under a tenner – an easy present for your friend who wishes they lived in the forest.

2. Travel coffee press, £21 from Bodum
For: the caffeine addict
You probably don’t need me to tell you that getting a reusable coffee cup is an easy way to cut down on single use plastic, but even better than an eco cup is this brilliant travel mug from Boden. It’s a coffee press and a portable cup in one – add in ground coffee, milk and hot water, wait to brew and voila, a fresh cup of joe, perfect for a caffeine fix on camping trips.

3. Knitted beanie, from £66 from Shit that I Knit
For: the do-gooder
I do love a bobble hat, especially one as cute as the lovely popcorn-knit Ella beanie from the hilariously named Shit that I Knit collective. You get to feel good as well as snug when you wear it, too, because STIK employ women in Lima, Peru to knit their amazing hats (all knitted with merino, alpaca or cashmere wool), enabling them to take care of their children while bringing in income to support their families.

4. Pillow blanket, £85 from Voited
For: a keen camper
This genius blanket is the bit of camping kit you never knew you needed. It’s gorgeous, silky and lightweight, and folds down small into a handy stuff sack that doubles up as a pillow. Once opened up, the blanket is warm and soft to sleep under, and you can clip it together to form a light sleeping bag ideal for summer camping or tropical travels. It’s made with recycled materials, too, for extra brownie points.

5. Cinnamon solid shampoo bar, £7.50 from Lush
For: the nomad
Eschew disposable plastic and instead wash your locks with this wonderful solid bar from that emporium of lovely smells, Lush. Their cinnamon shampoo bar is both cruelty-free and guaranteed to make your hair smell so nice you’ll walk around surreptitiously sniffing it all day. A shampoo bar plus a tin to keep it in is the perfect present for anyone off on long-term travels.

6. Isla sweater, £50 from Passenger Clothing
For: the fashionista
Wear your love for the outdoors on your sleeve (well, on your back) with the delightfully retro Isla sweater from Passenger Clothing. Technically it’s a men’s jumper, but if oversized sweaters are your jam it’ll become your cosy new favourite fast. A great present for giving a little back to the outdoors, too, as Passenger plant a tree for every order received.

7. Starry night polaroid pin, £7 from Etsy
For: your Secret Santa
I can’t get over how cute this tiny, perfect polaroid pin is. This one celebrates the joys of camping and there are sweet travel-themed ones available too. At just £7 each, they make great Secret Santa gifts or stocking fillers for your favourite outdoorswomen. Oh, and they glow in the dark!

8. Under Armour Vanish leggings, £65 from JD Williams
For: the gym fanatic
The search is over – these are that elusive thing, the perfect sport leggings. Tough yet flexible, flattering and with a subtle metallic finish that makes me feel a bit like I have mermaid legs, these sweat-wicking Under Armour leggings are perfect for everything from hatha sessions to half marathons.

9. Expedition first aid kit, £19.99 from Raitex
For: the wilderness traveller
A well-stocked first aid kit is a must in any adventurer’s backpack, especially if you’re venturing to remote parts of the world. The excellent expedition kit from Raitex is small and portable and yet, Tardis-like, it holds 100 different items, all packed into a water-resistant protective case. And at just under £20, it’s a steal. Buy one for your most intrepid friend.

10. Outdoor changing robe, £110 from dryrobe
For: the wild swimmer
I spend every summer cooling off by jumping into the most inviting rivers, oceans and lakes I can find, and always vow that I’ll swim more come winter, only to chicken out half the time because getting my kit off is so chilly. Enter the extremely comforting dryrobe. Stick it on before and straight after a swim and the cosy fleece inner lining and wind and waterproof outer will instantly warm you up. A lovely gift for hardy outdoor swimmers and triathletes.

11. Unisex leather boots, £169 from Blundstone
For: your favourite hiker
These boots were made for walking. And walking. Blundstone’s hardy leather kicks are having a bit of a fashion moment, but they’re all about substance as well as style. Despite their smart, city-friendly looks, the tough leather outers and springy, grippy soles make Blundstones great for hiking, horse riding and general outdoor wear. A quiver-of-one boot.

12. Sorel Out ‘n About Boots, £110 from JD Williams
For: the girl out in any weather
Who needs wellingtons when you can stick your feet into these beauties? I absolutely love Sorel’s chunky snow boots, and hence I am now obsessed with their take on waterproof duck boots, marrying heavy-duty rubber toes with smart full-grain leather uppers. Wear everywhere from rainy commutes to ski trips.

13. Keep what matters patch, £5.90 from Asilda
For: the friend who has everything
Okay, so maybe it’s ironic to spend money on a present designed to remind you not to purchase stuff, but this charming patch is a brilliant little memory jog to stop and enjoy experiences rather than lust after things (read the lovely story of what inspired the design, too!). Sew this little jar of memories on your rucksack (I’ve got one on mine) and take it on all your adventures.

Need more inspiration? Why not give a Christmas gift experience? Or check out my equally rad Outdoors Christmas gift guide 2017 and Outdoors Christmas gift guide 2016, or send me a message on Instagram if you need help buying for a tricky outdoorsy lady and I’ll send you my recommendations.



  1. Steve English
    February 4, 2019 / 4:50 am

    Here’s a fun tip I picked up the other day: The pom-pom on your hat can be cut off and used as fire-starting material in a pinch, and it doesn’t affect the operation of the hat in any way. Cool, eh?

  2. sian
    February 4, 2019 / 11:55 am

    That is the best tip ever! Love it!