Review: Millican Fraser the Rucksack 25 litre

Camping in summer and gallivanting in winter in the company of Millican’s lovely 25 litre Fraser rucksack, £130, a roomy and weatherproof adventure companion.

Millican Fraser the Rucksack review

Millican Fraser the Rucksack review

Product description: “Fraser the Rucksack (25L) is hard to beat. Inspired by alpine explorers, we combined rugged reliability with modern functionality to create a durable bag for all seasons. The built-in laptop sleeve, storage compartments and reflective strip make this perfect for either commuting or the life on the trail.”

Camping adventures: I’ve long admired Millican’s thoughtful approach to outdoor gear. Their bags are designed in the Lake District, inspired by explorers of old, made with classic styling and tough weatherproof canvas and, my favourite bit, all named after the company’s friends and the people who inspire them. These are bags designed to last and to be cared for, and Millican can also repair items for a cost.

The canvas that makes up my Fraser 25 litre rucksack may look pleasingly old-fashioned but it’s actually tough, water resistant and best of all, 57% recycled. The Fraser has plenty of space inside for a day’s hiking kit or my sleeping bag, and I also like the easy to close drawstring, making it a fast job to grab a layer or stow gear. The rucksack has comfortable padded straps and a great cinchable outer strap that’s useful if you’re packing camping kit. There are plentiful inner and outer pockets including zipped compartments and double outer pockets. If you’re like me and need to be super-organised in order to find anything at all, this is the backpack for you.

Millican Fraser the Rucksack review

Out and about in winter: Despite taking photos of the Fraser on one of the sunniest days of the summer, I’m writing this review in deepest, greyest winter. On the plus side, that mean’s I’ve had months to test the Fraser out long-term. The 25 litre is the perfect size for daily use, travelling and cycling. I never really go anywhere without my laptop and my camera, so having a decent sleeve for the former and plenty of room for the latter is brilliant. I’ve also found the bag to be weather resistant in light rain, although there’s no rain cover to whip out if it does pelt it down.

Verdict: The Fraser is a joy to look at use, look at and own. It may be on the expensive side for a simple rucksack, but Millican’s pieces do prove that investing in beautiful, thoughtfully made outdoor kit is worth it. There’s also an 18 litre version that looks perfect for lightweight day hikes and a 32 litre bag that would suit a multi-day hiker or a traveller packing everything in their rucksack.

Millican Fraser the Rucksack review



  1. January 13, 2019 / 6:14 pm

    How do you find the back length as a woman? I tend to get the impression (from the dimensions) that the milican backpacks are more designed for Men. Ive got a 2nd hand 18litre Smith pack on the way to try out. Id like a 25, but worry it will be too long? I’m 5″6. Interested to hear your thoughts- women hikers can’t just manage with less litre-age!

  2. sian
    January 13, 2019 / 6:47 pm

    Hello! I found it fit well on me but perhaps I have a long back! Have you had a look at other backpacks you have at home to see which litre sizes work for you? In future – I find Osprey’s female-specific backpacks the best fit for women.