Wild swimming at Goldiggins Quarry, Cornwall

Wild swimming at Goldiggins Quarry, Bodmin Moor, Cornwall

Coming across this deep, wide quarry of deep blue spring-fed water feels like uncovering a secret – until you’re right upon it, it’s hidden from view by rocks and looks like the stone tors that are scattered on Bodmin Moor. Then this mad-made but beautiful quarry is revealed, an extremely tempting spot for a swim. The swimming faithful will have to make a little effort to get to Goldiggins, as it’s inaccessible by car, but the walk across the moor to reach it a lovely one. We found the quarry in the ever-inspiring Wild Swimming guide by Daniel Start, after a gorgeous weekend camping in one of my favourite Cornish campsites, South Penquite Farm.

It’s also one for the adrenaline seekers – the cliffs rising high around the water are perfect for flinging yourself into the deep water (or just watching other brave souls leap in), and you can build up your confidence by jumping from increasing heights. You can also just get in for a swim by walking down grass-clad rocks to the water’s edge. The wide flat rocks unearthed from the quarry are brilliant for sunbathing on after a dip, too. It’s busy here in hot weather but quiet in colder months, and either way there’s plenty of room for swimmers, picnickers and thrill-seekers.

How to get to Goldiggins Quarry

Getting to Goldiggins is part of the pleasure. Park at the Hurlers car park (postcode PL14 5LE) in the village of Minions and walk past the Hurlers stone circle, an eerie place where Neolithic stones stand in groups – their name comes from a local legend telling they were men who were turned to stone for playing the ancient game of hurling on a Sunday. A track heads across the moor from here and it’s a 20 minute walk to the quarry.