The best women’s ski and snowboard gear for 2020

Best Women's Ski Gear | Best snowsports clothes for 2020 reviewed

The best women’s ski gear for 2020

Are the mountains calling your name? Get kitted up before you hit the snow in 2020 with my annual reviews of the very best women’s ski gear for The Independent. Pick the right jacket, salopettes, base layers, goggles and snow boots, with options for different budgets and tons of info on how to be a savvy buyer, whether you’re a total newbie or a backcountry veteran.

Twelve best women’s ski and snowboard jackets for 2020

A warm, weatherproof ski jacket is probably the most important bit of clothing you can invest in before you head to the mountains. A ski jacket should be impermeable to water and snow. Look for a jacket’s waterproofing rating in millimetres – this is its “hydrostatic head” rating – anything above 10,000mm will be reliably waterproof. My twelve top jacket picks are warm, waterproof and ready for winter adventures.

Ten best women’s ski pants and salopettes for 2020

Whether you call them pants or salopettes, insulated or waterproof trousers, my best ski pants of 2020 are all designed for winter sports and will keep you warm and dry when you’re skiing up a storm. The best ski pants keep the snow out and the warmth in and feel comfortable and flexible enough to wear from first to last lift – learn more on what to look for and how to get the right fit.

Twelve best women’s snow sports base layers for 2020

Make like an onion this winter – layering is the key to staying warm in the outdoors, so it makes sense to start with a great base layer worn next to the skin. Thermal tops and bottoms are designed to be worn beneath ski jackets and salopettes on the slopes, under waterproof hiking layers on the trail or for sleeping in on cold weather camping trips. These cosy layers, including some great merino options, are my best on test choices for 2020.

Eight best women’s ski and snowboard gloves for 2020

Buying good gloves for a skiing or snowboarding adventure is just like buying a good ski jacket – they need to be warm, comfortable and snow resistant. Whether you favour gloves or mittens, my top eight picks will keep your fingers cosy from first to last lift.

Eight best ski and snowboarding goggles for 2020

Snowsports goggles will protect your eyes from snow and wind in the mountains and help you see clearly come sun or snowstorms. Different lens colours work in various winter weather conditions – yellow and pink lenses are best on cloudy days, while darker colours and polarised lenses work well on sunny days. My full review covers how to pick the right goggles for any weather, and includes my top goggles from £44.

10 best women’s snow boots for 2020

A good snow boot should be three things – warm, waterproof and grippy. Besides that, there are plenty of styles to choose from, from relaxed booties best suited to tough, insulated hiking-style boots. I’ve tried and tested these ten pairs, perfect for Alpine adventures (and apres ski).

Best Women's Ski Gear | Best snowsports clothes for 2020 reviewed by The Girl Outdoors, Sian Lewis, for The Independent

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Both images from Protest Eu’s winter 19/20 women’s collection.