Planning future adventures with Komoot

Planning Adventures With Komoot | Hiking And Cycling Mapping Tool

If there’s one silver lining to being at home right now, it’s having plenty of time to plan all the cross-country hikes, long-distance cycles and other great British journeys you’ve always wanted to tick off your bucket list. Mapping app and website Komoot is the perfect tool for planning routes for all your future adventures, big and small.

Planning hiking adventures with Komoot

Since I’ve been exploring closer to home, I’ve started using route planning app and website Komoot to record and share my daily woodland trail runs and local bike tours (here’s my Komoot profile if you fancy checking out my present and future journeys). It’s a brilliant way to track my adventures and find new routes to try out – I’ve already found lovely new cycle paths and secret wild swimming spots thanks to following Komoot’s local pioneers. And when I’m researching where to run or cycle to next, I use Komoot’s planning tool – you can select how you want to go exploring (hiking, cycling, running, mountaineering and more), then choose your starting and finishing points. Komoot will find you the perfect way to get there, following established hiking trails, roads and bike paths.

Designing multi-day hikes

Planning Adventures With Komoot | Hiking And Cycling Mapping Tool

As well as venturing out from home each day in my local area, I’ve been having great fun researching future adventures. My friend Lydia and I have been talking about hiking Cornwall’s north coast for months now, walking for 122 miles with a tent and a couple of backpacks from Land’s End to Bude, following the wild South West Coast Path. Komoot makes it easy for me to plot our 10 day route – it automatically shows me the best hiking trails to follow, then takes the total distance of 122 miles and breaks it down into daily sections, including each day’s elevation, difficulty and even the different surfaces and path types we’ll be rambling along.

We’re going to camp most nights of our hike, and Komoot’s multi-day route planner also suggests accommodation close by to our route. I use this tool along with my Cool Camping guidebook to spy out campsites we can easily reach from the coast path, such as Cornish Tipi Holidays and Cerenity Eco Camping.

Planning Adventures With Komoot | Hiking And Cycling Mapping Tool

One of my favourite Komoot features is that the mapping tool also includes highlights recommended by other walkers and cyclists. I’d never heard of secluded Pendour Cove, where the mythical mermaid of Zennor is said to live, or of Nectern’s Glen waterfall near Boscastle – thanks to highlights along my route, I can see what other hikers have written about hidden gems like these and plan to visit them. Komoot’s interactive highlights make planning our daily sea swims (and daily stops in coastal pubs for a few well-earned pints) easy, and when we finally get to walk the path I’ll be able to add in a few of my own highlights, such as favourite swimming coves, for others to discover.

Come join me over on Komoot, where I’m sharing my present and future adventure routes. The only problem with planning future journeys with Komoot right now? It’s guaranteed to give you wanderlust.

Planning Adventures With Komoot | Hiking And Cycling Mapping Tool


  1. May 6, 2020 / 3:58 pm

    I was actually looking for such a website. I do travel a lot, and I guess Komoot will help me a lot in planning things in the post-pandemic season. Thanks for the article. Much appreciate.

  2. May 31, 2020 / 4:40 pm

    I travelled a lot before all this happened, but i never plan almost anything. I think corona is great time to reevaluate everything we did before, and start making better choices. Thanks for the awesome article.