Cooking in the great outdoors with Valiant Fireside

//This post is in collaboration with Valiant Fireside//

Camping and campervan trips are all about good times in the great outdoors – and my idea of a good time almost always involves food. Whether I’m sharing an evening barbecue with mates, parking up at a beach in Evie, my campervan, for lunch with a view, or making fresh coffee early in the morning in the door of my tent, I reckon everything tastes better when it’s made and eaten in the fresh air. Valiant Fireside‘s outdoor accessories are perfect for whipping up a field feast on your next adventure – these are my top picks from their portable range of barbecues and cooking utensils.

My favourite cooking kit from Valiant Fireside

Portable Foldable Barbecue: It’s not a proper camping trip without a sunny barbecue. This foldable table top barbecue from Valiant Fireside (£49.99) is lightweight and easy to carry when you’re heading to a campsite, and is a doddle to get going once you get there, too – I use ready-packed bags of charcoal that just need a match to light them, then you can pop the grill on top and get cooking in ten minutes flat. This barbecue may be small but it’s still very sturdy, and there’s enough room to grill up a feast for four to six people. When you’re done, the stainless steel is easy to clean, too. Ideal for making an easy barbecue supper outdoors, or even just for setting up in the garden on a sunny evening.

Where to source ingredients: Swaledale Online Butchers stock a brilliant range of barbeque-worthy goodies, from dry-cured bacon for breakfast to responsibly-sourced wild British game for supper.

Camping Kettle: If you’re anything like me, your idea of a treat when camping is a cup of hot, fresh coffee in the morning. This dinky little Valiant camping kettle (£12.99) is perfect for making a quick cuppa outdoors – it’s lightweight and packable enough to come along on any camping trip and is also really handy to have stowed away in a campervan. It heats up a litre of water at a time, the handle pops off for easy storage, and although it’s small and lightweight, the kettle is made from sturdy, long-lasting aluminium.

Valiant offer a range of other barbecue and cooking utensils – I’m a fan of the Outlaw BBQ multi-tool, which packs tongs, knife, spatula, fork, wine and beer bottle openers (the essentials!) into one portable tool and which is perfect for van life, and this BBQ accessory gift set, a great present for would-be gourmet camping chefs.

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