Making every mile count – running 1,000 miles in 2022 with Montane and Trail Running Magazine

Making every mile count in 2022 with the #Run1000Miles challenge

Do you want to go that extra mile (quite literally) and turn your regular run up a notch this year? I’ve got just the challenge for you. British outdoor brand Montane is partnering up with Trail Running Magazine on the #Run1000Miles challenge, encouraging runners to make every mile count in 2022 and aim for a big fat 1,000 miles total distance over the year. The challenge is totally individual – you could tackle trails or road running, go with friends or a club or on your own – it’s all about working towards 1.4 million steps throughout the year in a way that suits you. And it’s totally free!

Taking the challenge

I love a challenge that I can chip away at week by week, that fits in with my regular routine and that pushes me that little bit further when it comes to exploring outdoors and finding new routes, so I’m really excited to take on the #Run1000Miles and have an excuse to improve my mileage this year. I map my running routes each time I hit the trail, so it’s easy to keep track of progress. As of today the 18th February, I’m on 58 miles. Not a bad start, although I’d actually managed more by this date in 2021, thanks to having more time to hit the trails in lockdown! So it’s time for me to plan how to squeeze in some extra miles as the year goes on and the days get longer, and to get creative with seeking out new routes that I can run or cycle to from my doorstep.

To motivate myself to keep going I’ve also signed up for a couple of trail half marathons, to give more meaning to longer training runs and to know that I’m ticking off some miles in chunks. There are some great tips here from Trail Running on creating a schedule. While 1,000 sounds like a daunting number, it equals just 2.7 miles a day. And even if you’re not sure if 1,000 miles is for you, working towards it and seeing how far you get is still a brilliant way to push out of your running comfort zone.

Get kitted up with Montane

Everyone knows that you can run further in great kit, right? Ok, so maybe shiny running gear won’t boost your fitness, but comfortable, warm and breathable clothing is a big help if you’re working towards a goal, especially in the winter. This season I’m loving Montane’s Minimus jacket, which is waterproof and weighs just 170g, so you’ll barely notice you have it on. The Montane Blade long sleeve top is a great breathable base layer if you like a long sleeve in cooler months, and the Montane Ineo Lite legging is simple, warm and stretchy – and it has pockets!

How to take on the #Run1000Miles challenge

Fancy joining in? You can sign up for free with Trail Running Magazine. Runners taking on the challenge will also get a regular #Run1000Miles newsletter and three free digital issues of Trail Running Magazine.