Review: Wave SUP Woody Stand-Up Paddleboard

Wave SUP Woody Stand-Up Paddleboard Review

Stand-up paddleboarding is having a bit of a moment, with a 40% rise in participants from 2020-2021 in the UK alone. The art of propelling yourself along a river or taking to the waves with a paddle in hand is great fun, so perhaps it’s not surprising that I get so many questions about which beginner-friendly SUP boards are the best bet for newcomers to the sport (and I’m still pretty much a beginner myself). There’s a huge range out there to choose from, but if you’re shopping for an easy board to go exploring on flat water with, my current pick is the Woody from Wave SUP (£259.99). A beginner-friendly, wide and stable design, the Woody comes complete with all the accessories you need to get started SUP-ing – just add water. I’ve written a full review of my time putting the Woody Wave SUP paddleboard through its paces for T3.

The Wave Woody SUP: a beginner-friendly stand-up paddleboard at an affordable price

“If you were in the market for a beginner-friendly and affordable first SUP board but didn’t want to compromise on quality, we’d definitely send you in the direction of the Wave Woody SUP package . This sturdy board is intuitive to set up, pack and unpack, easy to paddle about on and it looks great, too.”

“I’ve tested out other entry-level boards in the past that feel rather cheap and flimsy, or even that degrade to the point of letting in water after just a few uses. These are obviously a false economy, especially given that most beginner boards start at around £200. The Woody is like a cut above those cheap models, and feels solid and secure to use. Design is thoughtful, with extra touches that you don’t usually find on more affordable boards.”

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