The recipe for mermaid tresses: Green People Quinoa Power Shower Bundle

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Green People Quinoa Power Shower | Organic Hair Care

The great outdoors and the salty ocean are pretty wonderful places to explore – but they aren’t the kindest environments on your hair and skin. The organic answer for anyone who loves to spend time in the elements? Treating your tresses and body with the Green People Quinoa Power Shower routine.

Review: Green People Quinoa-infused hair and body treatments

Green People, as their name might suggests, are all about certified organic, planet-friendly ingredients that do wonderful things for your body and hair.

And now they’ve grouped together some of their best-loved treatments – their quinoa-infused shampoo, conditioner, hair serum and shower gel – into a go-anywhere Power Shower Routine that’s perfect for protecting your hair and skin from the elements. Quinoa is a bit of a hero ingredient for the outside as well as inside of your body – it’s the only plant food that contains all nine essential amino acids, helping strengthen skin and hair and boosting hair shine by over 50%. Quinoa is also vegan friendly and gluten-free (it’s surprising how many beauty products aren’t!).

Green People Quinoa Power Shower | Organic Hair Care

I’ve been using the Power Shower routine for a month now and have noticed a real difference to the strength and condition of my hair, even after surfing and hiking sessions have wreaked havoc on it. I especially love the Quinoa and Avocado-packed hair serum – just a dab tames frizz as well as helping avoid sun damage. And if you find most shower gels and soaps drying, you’ll love Green People’s Quinoa and Calendula shower gel – calendula is proven to soothe and moisturise skin. All four products have a wonderful citrussy scent that makes me feel like summer is on its way.

Its not just about using great natural goodies in their products, either – Green People’s packaging is earth-friendly, too. The Green People Quinoa Power Shower Bundle comes in recyclable tubes made from sugar cane, a renewable source. For every kilo of sugar cane plastic produced, three kilos of CO2 are removed from the atmosphere, making this material net climate positive – a good addition to using solid hair and body care. The four products in the Green People Power Shower routine all come in an organic cotton bag, so they’re easy to bring along with you on your travels or camping adventures.

Green People Quinoa Power Shower | Organic Hair Care

Green People‘s quinoa-inspired skin and hair routine bundle is worth £69.50 but is available throughout March for £49.50, including an organic cotton travel bag.

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