Video: Wild swimming safety tips

Swim in safety in rivers, pools and the ocean this summer by following some key advice in my new wild swimming safety tips video. Whenever summer rolls around I itch to jump in to lakes and rivers, but it’s essential to take some precautions, including where you swim, what you wear and more. Watch my video before you take the plunge!

Wild swimming safety tips

Wild swimming safety tips video The Girl Outdoors

Wild swimming safety tips

Only swim sober (save your picnic booze for afterwards)
Always check the depth of the water first
Search out an easy exit point before entering the water
Avoid swimming alone
Wear aquatic sandals with a good grip when on rocks
Wear a wetsuit in colder weather
Have a plan for warming up as soon as you get out
If you encounter weeds, don’t panic. They are easiest to navigate by floating gently through
Avoid swimming in city rivers – the water can carry harmful bacteria
Lakes and ponds can be home to nasties such as blue-green algae, a scum on the surface at of the water that can make you sick. Avoid swimming anywhere with stagnant water or a greenish bloom on the surface of the water.

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