How to: make eco friendly paper lanterns

How to assemble eco friendly paper lanterns, an biodegradable alternative to wire models which can be harmful to livestock. Video created by me and my lovely housemates.

Eco friendly paper lanterns

And now for the facts!

Eco-friendly bamboo lanterns are now available as an alternative to wire models, after the National Farmers Union reported a surge in livestock killed.

Paper lanterns have become increasingly popular in the UK to mark celebrations, but have created problems for farmers as cattle have died after eating wire from lanterns that have fallen in fields. Calls for a ban have been widely reported, leading to questions being asked in the House of Commons. Nick Clegg said that the issue was the source of “a great deal of distress to both farmers and their livestock”.

However, a complete ban would also cause distress for lantern makers and buyers. Invented in third-century China, paper lanterns became a symbol of good wishes. Over the last decade they have become increasingly popular, with an estimated 200,000 released each summer across the UK. In answer to the problem posed by wire, lantern makers are now introducing biodegradable models, made with a bamboo rim which burns out before reaching the ground.


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