Review: The North Face Resolve jacket

My beautiful new green Resolve jacket (£64.99), courtesy of the fabulous people at Webtogs, came with me to Glastonbury last week, where we both managed to have a pretty fabulous time despite the rain. As the weather was horrible for the first three days, it was the perfect time to properly test out my Resolve, and see if it could stand twelve hours straight moshing in a field whilst keeping me dry. Read on for my The North Face Resolve jacket review.

The North Face Resolve jacket review | waterproof women's jacket

The North Face Resolve jacket review


The product description:
“The North Face Women’s Resolve Jacket is a classic waterproof, breathable and seam-sealed do-it all shell garment. You cannot get better quality than the Resolve for such good value we feel here at Webtogs. If you are just starting to get outdoors on a regular basis, and want to have a jacket that doesn’t break the bank, but will let you perform well and keep you dry, the North Face Resolve Jacket is ideal. It does this by using North Faces’ own HyVent fabric, which allows for an excellent level of breathability and water resistance. The North Face Resolve Jacket’s technology will ensure water stays away and keep you comfortable when out in the elements.”

Test 1: Hardcore festival wearing
I couldn´t have asked for a better jacket for festival wear then the Resolve. I wore it for twelve hours a day in the pouring rain, I jumped up and down in it, I stored my camera and phone in its pockets (dry as a bone), I wore it over my head on one particularly wet night when my tent decided to give up on being waterproof. The tough outer lining deflects even heavy downpour – you can see the raindrops form beads of water and roll right off. The elasticated cuffs and waist keep clothes dry and the jacket is warm and breathable. It even managed to be roomy enough to fit a jumper underneath and warm enough to stop me getting cold when standing around in a field at 3am.

Test 2: Cycling
The only minor issue I found with the Resolve is the design of the hood, which is quite large and boxy. Whilst ideal when walking and trekking, as it keeps your face dry by protecting more than just your head, it wasn´t ideal when cycling through traffic in the rain – it had a blinkering effect that meant I couldn´t see properly behind me or check out other lanes. I ended up cycling with it down, arriving with soaking wet hair but a snug torso. If you´re after a jacket for commuting in the rain, go for something with a hood that sits closer to your head.

Test 3: Washing
After a particularly wet Glastonbury my jacket was caked in mud, baked beans and some other things I didn´t want to think about, but after a wash it turned out like new.

The North Face Resolve jacket review | waterproof women's jacket

The most surprising thing about the Resolve is the price – it really feels like a more expensive jacket, as it is pretty much totally waterproof without compromising on comfort or breathability. I am totally hooked and wear it around even if it isn´t raining, it´s so comfy. Perfect for festivals, walks and adventures – I´ll be taking it to Finland with me next month to go and meet some moose. Find more waterproof jackets reviewed in my kit section.


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    I am totally hooked and wear it around even if it isn´t raining

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