The North Face Base Camp flip flops review

Base Camp Flip Flop Review: I took a pair of The North Face Base Camp flip flops, £28, with me on my Finnish adventure,  because where better to test them than an actual base camp? We were staying in log cabins in the Lapland wilderness whilst hiking and rafting, so I had plenty of time to wear them in on our adventures.

The North Face Base Camp flip flop review

The North Face Base Camp flip flop review

The product description:

“The North Face introduce the Women’s Base Camp Flip Flops into their Summer range of foot wear. The Base Camp Flip Flops are designed with North Face’s expedition equipment in mind and therefore they have been made for loads of use and to last well. The Base Camp Flip Flops have the same PU laminate that is used on the Base Camp Duffel bags as a strap, so you can safely say that dexterity is not an issue and for your soles North Face have used an ‘extra cushy’ egg crate inspired EVA foot bed with anatomical arch support for great comfort and support everywhere you go.”

Test 1: Walking. And walking. And more walking
The Base Camps have a super cushy base that molds to your feet, making for easy walking. They also somehow, miraculously, manage to be the only flipflops in the world ever to have a strap that feels comfortable between your toes. I don’t know how. It’s magic. But it means you can walk miles in them and not notice.
The only issue I had with the flipflops was sizing: I’m a 6 and had to exchange mine for a size up to get the right foot length. I’ve noticed a few people have commented on this, so go a size up when you order.

Test 2: Paddling in lakes in Lapland
The Base Camps are a more rugged breeded than your average flimsy flipflop: the thick straps hug your feet and they stay on even in water and when climbing over rocks. Mud and dirt washes off easily, too.

Test 3: As a fashion accessory
My Base Camps are in an attractive ice-cream combo called Pink Lady / Demitasse Brown. I will never tire of product colour names: you can also get them in pink pearl or petit four blue. Seriously. Anyway, despite looking a bit like brown eggshells, I personally think the flipflops are pretty cute. They are very casual, yes, but they work well with surfer-style clothes like board shorts on the beach or with summer dresses.

A great price for flipflops that are more like sandals – they are super comfy, stay on and last ages.


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