How to: take a girls-only road trip

The phrase “road trip”, in true Kerouackian style, always conjures up images of wide-open spaces and the freedom to roam. Whilst a driving adventure with a motley crew of mates is always a great idea, what can be even better sometimes is a female-only version. This doesn’t have to be as pink and girly as it sounds – learning to change a tyre yourself and getting to sing along to cheesy 80s hits without insulting your i’m-too-cool-for-abba boy friends can be the best way to travel ever, if you prep properly.

HOW TO: Plan
Few things will wreck a road trip faster than running out of money halfway through – the best way to avoid this is to plan ahead fully. Map out a route, find out how much money will be needed for fuel, and call up places to stay so that room rates come as no shock.

Vehicle wise, look into options for cheap car hire. Road trips can cause quite a bit of wear and tear on a vehicle, piling hundreds of miles onto the odometer. Nobody wants to end a holiday and immediately have to take his or her car in for service or repair, so consider hiring a new vehicle that has a very low fuel consumption figure.

HOW TO: Check the car

An enjoyable road trip is a safe one by definition. This means making sure that the car is up to tackling the drive. Basic preventative maintenance involves checking that the tyres have correct pressures, verifying oil levels, and filling the radiator and the windscreen washer bottle. With a hire car, these items will already be taken care of, making it the best choice for hitting the road worry-free.

HOW TO: Make it fun

Part of the beauty of a road trip is being spontaenous and seeing where the road takes you. That said, have a look into fun things to do in the various towns along the route first, as local fairs and festivals can be really lovely. The internet is your friend here – it can’t help a girl pack or check the tyres, but it’s an invaluable tool for hiring a car, planning a route, and investigating destinations in advance.

HOW TO: Pack

Girls are not exactly known for travelling light, so unless your mates are outdoorsy types who will wear the same pants for a week, give them a strict space limit and insist on outfits that can do double duty. If you’re doing a Eurotrip, light dresses are perfect. In less balmy Britain, take sturdy trainers which can double as hiking shoes.


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