The Beauty of Barbour

This is a little bit of a love letter to the jackets that I once eschewed as being worn only by fashion victims and the queen but now adore. It took me a few years of pretending I wasn’t going to be told what to wear by Alexa Chung before I caved, admitted to myself that I really wanted one and bought my lovely coat. It’s a secondhand Barbour Beaufort men’s jacket. It cost me 36 quid off Ebay, complete with old tissues in the pockets for authenticity, and I love it.

Womens Barbour Lookbook - Blogger Barbour Style

This is the thing: Barbours really do deserve their newfound glory, as they are brilliant. They keep you dry, they look great with everything from muddy wellies and jeans to stockings and heels and they go everywhere – I’ve worn mine on our farm, at Glastonbury, in central London and even to graduation recently to attempt to salvage my robes from torrential rain.

In short they look good, they smell like the countryside and they keep you warm. Barbour and ASOS stock a gorgeous range of jackets, although I am a purist – anything but waxed, in olive green and with a corduroy collar doesn’t cut it.

The only potential downside to them is the need to wax them, but even that can be made easier by first watching this lovely video (that I kind of want to live in) from Barbour stockists Lark. Waxing your jacket can become a brilliant way to while away a rainy Sunday with a cup of tea.

PLUS: How to wear your Barbour by Sian, Simon, Hector the dog and Silas the cat:

Womens Barbour Lookbook - Blogger Barbour Style

Womens Barbour Lookbook - Blogger Barbour Style

Womens Barbour Lookbook - Blogger Barbour Style

Womens Barbour Lookbook - Blogger Barbour Style

Haven’t got a convenient Scottish farmhouse to wear your Barbour at? They look fantastic on the high street too – check out the lovely Elsie working hers at London Fashion Week!

Womens Barbour Lookbook - Blogger Barbour Style



  1. September 8, 2012 / 8:07 pm

    I inherited my Barbour from my late father – and since I moved to live by the sea have completely fallen for it.

    And there were tissues in the pocket of mine; heirloom tissues… 🙂

  2. September 17, 2012 / 9:53 pm

    My favorite one (6-year-old Equestrian-cut Bedale,, although it’s blackish/blue, not green, sorry) is off in New Hampshire getting repaired/reproofed. This morning was the first day I really missed it. Can’t wait ’til it comes back.

  3. September 17, 2012 / 10:29 pm

    I’ve got mine out all the time too now, seems like Autumn is really here! Oooh let me know what your Bedale is like when it comes back all shiny 🙂

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