Lazy Sunday afternoons with The Simple Things

Gorgeous new magazine The Simple Things is my new obsession.

Gentle, friendly and different to other brash, consumerist and advertising heavy publications, The Simple Things concentrates, as the name suggests, on simple, lovely stuff: herb gardening, apple picking, coffee savouring, city re-discovering, scarf knitting, cheese eating, and my favourite, Sunday lunching.

Sunday lunch this week was an epic affair. Theo roasted a leg of lamb stuffed with anchovies (which sounds wrong but tastes so right) and we devoured it alongside a rainbow of roasted vegetables, kale, homemade mint sauce, gooseberry jam, champagne mustard (courtesy of fellow luncher Seb of amazing food company FlavrBox) and pink lemonade.

My contribution to the feast came directly from my new bible of all things nice – The Simple Things’ recipe for fudge raspberry brownies. Besides the hedonistic pleasure of cooking something so downright naughty, the cooked, squidgy brownies were incredible – warm, gooey and a little bit tart from the fruit. Perfect wrapped in waxed paper and saved for picnics, if you manage not to eat them immediately.


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