Review: Hi-Tec Lynx Trail mid women’s boots

I like post. Especially when it’s a box containing a lovely new pair of Hi-Tec Lynx trail hiking boots (£54.00) from the very nice people at Go Outdoors. My new boots are a pretty dove grey and they are all soft and suedey. But are they as comfy as they look?


The product description:
“Step lightly and with dry feet in these supple and comfortable mid height Hi Tec Lynx Trail Mid walking boots. The low cut cuff gives better ankle flexibility and won’t irritate your lower calves. The TrekLite EVA midsole provides cushioning without excessive weight while the carbon rubber MDT outsole gives reliable and durable grip.
The Comfort-Tec Synthetic liner minimises abrasion and manages moisture. Finished with a lightweight lacing system for a quick and secure fit.”

Hiking and cycling:
The Lynx Trails are great when it comes to comfort. A springy, grippy sole makes walking on slippery surfaces or in heavy rain effortless, and they aren’t too heavy, either, so they don’t drag you down over long distances. The laces hold fast all day and keep the boot tightly in place, minimising rubbing. The removable inner lining is a little stiff at first, but molds nicely to feet after wearing a few times.
The only issue I had with the Lynxes is that they are rather too good at being impermeable – rain can’t get in but sweat can’t get out, and after a long day feet can feel quite hot and damp.

In the rain:
The Lynxes battle through mud and rain and somehow come out as soft and suedy as new. Even deep puddles bow down to their waterproof skills, so you can jump in then as much as your heart desires.

In the city:
A tough enough style to add an outdoorsy edge to a dress, but pretty enough to tone down jeans and a leather jacket, the Lynx Trails are the pefect compromise between hiking boot and town boot, and are fantastic for dealing with wet winter weather. Walk or cycle in the pouring rain and you’ll still have toasty feet all day at work, and they’ll take you straight through to weekend adventures on the tops of mountains without a problem.

Incredible value for money and a fantastic design, the Lynx Trails are lightweight, comfortable and durable. They even have candy striped laces. You’ll just have to deal with slightly smelly socks.


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