Review: Brasher Hillmaster hiking socks for women

I have new socks! So without further ado let me introduce:

It’s chilly round these parts. Luckily for my cold feet, I have been sent me these fab lilac fuzzy numbers to test out from the lovely people at Brasher. The Hillmaster socks cost £15 and are specifically designed to fit women’s feet.

Product Description:
“Made from Merino Wool Ultra for enhanced warmth and ThermoCool fibres for temperature control our Hillmaster socks are perfect for hill walking to dog walking, autumn to summer.
Anatomical women’s specific fit.
Merino Wool Ultra for enchanced warmth with ThermoCool for temperature control. Ventilation panel to aid breathability and keep feet dry.”


Test 1: Hiking
Putting the Hillmasters on has become my new small pleasure – they are so fluffy and cushioned that they make me want to make little happy noises. They are ideal for hiking, keeping your feet toasty warm and well padded without rubbing. They are definitely socks for autumn and winter though – you’d struggle to keep cool in hot weather.

Test 2: Design
These really are the cutest hiking socks in all the land – if Barbie went trekking she’d definitely sport a pair of Hillmasters. I love the strawberry jam colour (they also come in a less feminine ecru/turquoise), but the best design feature of all is the little purple L on the left sock and R on the right. It makes me feel about five (but is useful in left/right emergencies).

Test 3: Daily wear
The Hillmasters are mega versatile and look just as good striding through muddy fields as wandering around the city. Perfect for all-round winter wear under leather boots when it gets freezing.

Test 4: Washing and drying
I’ve washed the Hillmasters three times and they come up squeaky clean and fluffy, albeit a little bobbly. They are best dried on a radiator.

Verdict: I could write a lengthy paragrah here but it’d be easier to just inform you that I. Love. These. Socks. They are cosy and cushiony. They’ll keep you warm all winter long. AND you’ll never forget which foot is left and which is right.

PLUS! Added bonus of some amazing sock related facts from the lovely people at Brasher. Because you always wanted to know how many sweat glands you had.

1. Women have 250,000 sweat glands on their feet – more glands per inch than any other part of their body (nice!)
2. Women’s feet sweat all year round and this keeps their skin soft.
3. Women are nine times more likely to suffer from cold feet than men: they perceive cold faster than men and this reduces blood flow to extremities
4. Men officially have sweatier (and hence smellier) feet than women.
5. Men sweat an average of 1.12 litres per hour compared to women at just 0.57 litres per hour.


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