Cycling chic: gear for biking beauties

Make your morning commute a bit brighter with the coolest new cycle accessories.


Clockwise from left:

1. Turquiose ‘Lenox’ Helmet: The prettiest protective headgear, Bern helmets also double up as perfect skating and snowboarding lids.
$39.67 from Bern

2. Frog Silicone Strobe Light: These tiny weeny strobe lights come in a rainbow of colours and have a cult following of fans of their flexible silicone bodies.
$9.89 from Knog Lights

3. ‘Let’s Go Ride Bikes’ illustration: Share the two-wheels-good ethos indoors as well as out – Etsy has lots of gorgeous bikey art for sale, but this wood block print by 1canoe2 is my favourite.
£21.76 from 1canoe2 at Etsy

4. Rath Dispatch Bag: For the super chic lady-cyclist-about-town in you. Pashley bags don’t come cheap but their butter-soft leather will last forever.
£275 from Pashley

5. Bike Horn: I warn you, the temptation to constantly honk this brilliant vintage-style horns is insane. A fantastic little gift for cyclists too, at under a fiver.
£4.95 from Dot Com Gift Shop

6. Mac in a Sac: Target Dry’s brilliant macs will see you through spring showers and then fold up super small to store in panniers and baskets.
£19.95 from Target Dry

7. Bobbin Waxed Cotton Cape: Lovely website Cycle Chic call their waxed cape the ‘Barbour of bikes’. Perfect for keeping smart office clothes safe from mud and rain.
£119 from Cycle Chic

8. ‘I Love My Bike’ Bell: You’ve got to have a bell. This gorgeous one currently sits proudly on my handlebars announcing my cycling adoration to all and sundry.
£4.99 from Halfords



  1. March 6, 2013 / 12:27 pm

    I have long admired that little frog and I LOVE the Pashley bag. I also suspect the Mac in a Sac will come in handy v soon.

  2. March 6, 2013 / 12:32 pm

    They are cute little froggies aren’t they!
    Clembobs when can I see your fab film idea? xxx

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