Review: Sealskinz grey cable knit waterproof beanie hat

This lovely little beanie is the newest addition to my hat collection, thanks to the fab outdoorsy kids over at Sealskinz. I’ve always been a big fan of their brilliant waterproof ski gloves so I was very excited to try out this knitted number from their new season collection in rain, wind and snow to see how it shaped up.


The product description:
“Totally waterproof, breathable and windproof. Acrylic knitted outer for maximum water repellency. Warm, comfortable and close fitting, with a micro fleece lining for warmth and moisture control.”

Test: Chilly mountain biking
The Sealskinz beanie is incredibly comfy – lined with soft fleece on the inside, it’s super cosy without overheating your head and the tight fit stays on really nicely. Despite getting liberally splattered with mud along dirt tracks through icy wind and the occasional tree branch, it kept me warm and dry. A quick wash in warm water and a session on the radiator and it was good as new and ready for another adventure.

This woolly beanie is both cute and practical. It looks lovely on and the thick fleece is perfect for winter – it’ll keep you warm and dry in chilly winds and would be ideal for a little snow sports sesh. Just add goggles for easy ski style.


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