European Outdoor Film Festival 13/14: Where are the women?

Well done, EOFT! You are returning for a whirlwind tour of Europe and will be passing through Britain showing a truly stunning collection of adventure films. I just have one question – why are there no ladies in your videos?


Dear European Outdoor Film Festival.

This year your epic tales of humans conquering nature include extreme canyoning, polar surfing, cycling through Kyrgyzstan (not, apparently, a made up country) and climbing impossible rockfaces.

I’m sure it will be, like last year, an evening that will strike awe into and swell the hearts of the crowd of outdoorsy types (including me) who come to find inspiration each year.

But, sweet EOFT 2013 people. BUT. Where ARE the women? Where are the girls who swing off boulders, the women who double rodeo on snowboards as casually as I ride my bike? Where are the chicks swimming across oceans and scaling the peaks of the earth at the cost of their toes?

It’s not just this year. If I remember correctly, last year the EOFT featured nine films and one of them had a woman in it. She wasn’t even the star, she was wing suiting with two men and had the least to say and the least amount of screen time. Pah.

Go and watch the EOFT 13/14 anyway, adventurous ladies. Go and watch, because it’s pretty fantastic what these guys can do. But then please go and find your own adventure, because the more of you out there kicking ass, the more the outdoors community will have to realise that girls can do this stuff too.


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  1. September 6, 2013 / 3:30 pm

    Couldn’t agree more! Well said!

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