Review: Meindl Sölden snow boots from Complete Outdoors

Whether you’re off on a ski season, planning a little foray to the Alps or just want to keep your toes toasty on wintery walks, a pair of chunky snow boots are an outdoor wardrobe essential. Here’s my review of Meindl Sölden snow boots, £85.49 from Complete Outdoors in time for the winter.

172boots Meindl Sölden Snow Boots Review

Product description: “Keep your feet toasty warm this winter with the Sölden winter boot from Meindl. The Sölden have a a moulded rubber sole with a high rand, perfect for keeping your feet dry when walking through slushy snow. The leather uppers offer plenty of protection and comfort. The Sölden have a soft fleece inner bootee with velcro adjustment which offers the wearer plenty of insulation to keep your feet warm. The inner bootie can also be used as a slipper, allowing you to leave your wet boots at the door when you enter a building.”

174boots Meindl Sölden Snow Boots Review

Country walking: The Sölden’s hard wearing rubber bottoms and gorgeous water-resistant leather (mountain cow leather! for extra snow-repelling points) tops keep your feet warm and dry in mud, rain and snow, so you can paddle in icy streams, kick about in wet leaves and get rained on happily. The boots are super comfortable and cosy, but they do feel rather big and clunky. It’s not an issue, especially in deep snow, but it’s worth wearing thick socks and lacing the Söldens up tightly so that they feel secure on your feet if you’re trekking about a lot.

Fireside lounging: Clever Meindl have crafted fuzzy felted inner shoes into their snow boots. These double up as slippers that pop out of the tough outer boot, which means you can leave your muddy Söldens at the door after a hard day’s adventuring and pad about happily in the soft fleece-lined slippers. Perfect for a warming fireside après-ski session, n’est-ce pas?

173boots Meindl Sölden Snow Boots Review

Meindl Sölden Snow Boots Review – Verdict: Super toasty and hard wearing, the Söldens will keep your feet happy on ski holidays, whilst working outdoors or just messing about on a snow day. They’re a great price for such good quality, AND you get the cosiest pair of indoor slippers ever thrown in. Score.


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