Interview: Johnny Flynn on the lure of the great outdoors

A few weeks ago my favourite music website For Folk’s Sake asked me to have a chat with wandering folk minstrel, Johnny Flynn, about new album Country Mile. Here’s a snippet from the full interview on how Johnny finds inspiration in walking and the great outdoors (of course).


‘Country Mile’, is named for the term for an indefinite distance, and the album loosely follows the allegory of a journey. Flynn cites the writing of Robert MacFarlane on the call of the great outdoors as a key influence.

“I like going off on walks on my own,” he tells me. “I have a yearning to be in nature – that’s how I feel I spent my childhood, and I’ve been looking back at that time a lot. I don’t feel at home in the city any more, especially since having a child. I’ve been going on these super long walks, and there’s something amazing about giving up the duties of daily life for a little while and just getting up each day and walking, that’s all you do.

I walked the Camino De Santiago, a pilgrimage route in Spain, a little while ago. I walked through the mountains alone and the experience completely blew my head off. MacFarlane writes about the benefits of rambling on ancient paths – your consciousness expands to include that of people of who have walked along that path before you.”

Johnny’s walking-inspired album, Country Mile, is out now.


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