How to: post-yoga juice recipes

Hey yoga bunny! Here are my favourite juice recipes for a healthy hit of fruity goodness after a particularly punishing sun salute or two, inspired by Curry’s juiced up blog post.

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I’ve become a yoga fanatic. I have no idea how this happened, as I’ve always been slightly mocking of girls in pastel jumpers doing gentle stretches and namaste-ing each other whilst I sweated through 5k mud runs of an evening. A few months ago, however, aches and pains from the climbing wall sent me to a yoga class in search of more flexibility and faster recovery. And now I am obsessed. This ain’t no fluffy session pulling poses, no siree – yoga is really hard work that delivers amazing toning results as well as deeply calming your body and mind. And you get to wear nice leggings, so it’s happy days all round.

After a particularly long downward dog I always crave a healthy hit of vitamin-packed fruit, so I was very pleased indeed when Currys asked me to come up with some post-yoga juice recipes. The handy Philips Viva juicer (£79.99) is perfect for the job, letting you drop in whole fruit and veg and breaking ingredients down speedily into juice.

Here are my three favourite fruit combinations for a healthy, homemade glass of body-loving goodies – just whizz together and drink fresh.

Pineapple, orange and ginger

A zingy pick-me-up, this sunshiney juice is perfect after an early morning stretching session. Pineapples and oranges are rich in vitamin C, which staves off viruses, and pineapple is also loaded with manganese, to strengthen bones. Ginger is great for digestion and joint pain, too, making this the perfect yoga tonic.


Apple, raspberry and mango

If you’re craving sugar then the slower release of pectins from the apples and raspberries is tons better for you than a post-workout chocolate bar. Juice with mango (full of vitamin E) and ice for a refreshing cool down on hotter days.


Blueberry and pear

Indulgent and delicious, this juice is my ultimate treat after a hard workout. Blueberries are the star superfood, with the heaviest dose of antioxidants of all fresh fruit. Pears provide a healthy portion of fibre, and they both do wonderful things for your skin. Perfect!


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Are you a juice junkie? Let me know what your favourite recipes are!


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