Wine tasting by bike in Argentina

My travel-mad mate Karina Kold goes wine tasting on two wheels through the sunny vineyards of Mendoza, Argentina. I’m not jealous AT ALL.

Wine tasting Argentina | A cycle wine tour in Argentina

Wine tasting Argentina by bike

Mendoza is where Argentina produces 80% of its delicious wine. It’s one of the greatest wine regions in the world. And you can visit the lush vineyards in the nicest way ever – by bike.

When the sun is shining in a clear blue sky it feels great to be travelling through this beautiful green landscape by cycle instead of sitting in a stuffy warm bus. Be your own captain on two wheels, and wear a bike helmet as your captain hat!

Some of the local farms are family owned, whilst others are big businesses, but there’s a nice variety and they’re all easy to visit. Just grab a map from the tourist information office in Mendoza and you can head off on a trail around the wineries and olive farms.

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I started off with a trip to Trapiche, a modern winery with a lovely wooden terrace overlooking the olive fields and vineyards. I paid 50 pesos (£3.77) for a guided tour and got to taste a delicious white wine, two red wines and a dessert wine. The guide was super friendly, funny and spoke both Spanish and English.

Next stop was the family owned Bodega Familia Di Tommaso, for a more traditional, old-fashioned wine experience and a look around their cellars.

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I love olives, and at the LAUR olive farm I got a huge plate of amazing things to taste for only 15 pesos (£1.15). I couldn’t even finish it. Those green olives, wow!

To round off the day, I stopped at the charming Historias & Sabores, which specialises in homemade marmalade with chardonnay, chocolate bars, liqueurs and tapenade – perfect when you’ve had enough glasses of Argentina’s wonderful Malbec red wine! Their products are great presents to take back home, too.


The Heat: I was in Mendoza in February when the temperature is around 30 degrees. Remember to drink plenty of water along the way, bro bikers!

The Bike: I rented my bike at Mr. Hugo’s and paid 50 pesos (£3.77) for a day. Just ask the bus driver to drop you off at Hugo’s, everyone in town knows him.

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