Sponsored Video: Longer days with The North Face

If the clocks going forward has filled you with as much unmitigated joy as it has me, you’ll love this great new campaign from The North Face. Watch this super-inspiring video and then share your experiences and win shiny prizes with their new Explorer app. Longer days are here – go out and grab them!


The cold dark nights of winter are OVER! Suddenly we’ve got an amazing 12+ hours of sunlight per day to soak up, long evenings to get out and explore in, and stretched-out weekends to spend running, hiking and climbing.

The North Face‘s fantastic new Longer Days campaign challenges you to make the most of the daylight. Their Explorer app lets you share your adventures, take on challenges and track your performance, and the daily Explorer Photo Competition will award prizes for the best pictures from your outdoor shenanigans. Keep up with all the epic adventures happening on Facebook and Instagram, then share the view from the top of that mountain on Twitter using the hashtag #LongerDays, and you could win some awesome North Face kit.

The whole campaign is matched to The North Face’s new Spring/Summer 2014 collection, which is athlete tested and ready for the toughest mountain paths, trail runs and rock faces (I’m a bit obsessed with their new acid-bright range of women’s mountaineering kit).

What are you waiting for? Head outside and get some freckles on your face, some mud on your boots and enough memories to keep you going all through next winter.


Sponsored by The North Face.


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