Eurostar cycling holidays: three Eurostar adventures by bike

If you’ve got a case of itchy feet this weekend, hop on the Eurostar and go see a beautiful new place by bike. It’s quick and easy to plan a Eurostar cycling holiday, and before you know it you’ll be getting lost in Amsterdam, following the Pilgrim’s trail to Provence or pootling around Paris.

Eurostar cycling holiday

Three Eurostar cycling holiday ideas

What a stunner of a city. Rock up in amazing Amsterdam, hire a rusting fixie bike for the day and join the legions of stylish bicyclists dashing about. Wobble over cobblestones, learn to brake by pedalling backwards and explore the city’s flower-lined bridges, gaily painted canal boats and chocolate-box houses. I love nothing more than than spending a weekend trying on clogs, eating a lot of cheese and then attempting to give a mate a backie to the nearest cafe (try Cafe de Jaren for beautiful views over the canal). Get to Amsterdam in under five hours with Eurostar and a connection in Thalys – fares start from £99 return.

Eurostar cycling holiday

Don’t want to stop at just one city? Go touring around Southern France for a sunsoaked week of la vie belle. Get the train to Avignon and then hit the Via Tolosana, or Pilgrim’s trail, and cycle through the lush landscapes of southern France, via St Rémy de Provence and vibrant Montpellier, arriving in St Guillem le Désert in seven days. The Via Tolosana was once trod by Spanish pilgrims travelling to Rome, and winds through olive groves, lush vineyards, fragrant lavender fields and storybook villages. Eurostar trains go direct to Avignon from London.

Eurostar cycling holiday

Ahhhh Paris, je t’adore! You’re romantic yet edgy and bursting with cool stuff to see and do. The best way to get around is to hop on a Vélib – there are 20,000 of the pretty bronze bikes all over the city, and a day ticket costs only €1.70. Just like a Boris Bike, basically, only FAR cooler. You could do most anything in the city of lights – I like to grab an icecream from Pozzetto and follow in Amelie’s steps with a cycle around Montmartre. Check out lovely lifestyle blog for more cute places to eat, drink and stay. Super cheap on the Eurostar (from £69) and quick to get to in just over two hours from London, Paris is the perfect escape in no time at all.


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