Review: F1T1 storm kettle from the Storm Kettle Shop

I’ve got a new storm kettle! It’s a little portable F1T1 from the fantastic Storm Kettle Shop (£49.99). It boils up water for two cuppas in a jiffy and it makes everything smell like woodsmoke. Score.


Product description: The STORM F1Ti is our lightest, most robust and compact Storm Kettle available today. Aimed at the outdoor soloist, the STORM F1Ti comes into its own where space and weight saving are a premium, backed with the surety that wherever you are, you know you can boil water without the concern of running out of fuel.


A nice cup of tea: A storm kettle, in case you were wondering, is a handy bit of camping kit that’s a surefire way to boil water. You make a fire using kindling in its bottom tray, fill the kettle’s outer skin with water and sit it on top of the flames until a merry cloud of white steam announces that your water is ready (more instructions here on how to use a storm kettle). The only part of using one that takes a bit of practice is starting the fire – try dipping some twists of kitchen paper in candle wax and taking them along with you for instant firelighters.

The F1Ti is the smallest storm kettle available, boiling up a pint of water, which equals one big mug of tea or two smaller cups if you’ve got a thirsty friend with you. Any more of you needing a caffeine hit and you’ll have to use a bigger model. The British-made titanium coloured, hard anodised aluminium construction is sturdy and light, and comes wrapped snugly in a removable neoprene sleeve that makes it easy to use and pour once it’s hot. It’s also really quick, boiling up our water in five minutes flat. Perfect for solo trips and wild camping.


Verdict: Super light and portable, the F1Ti is much more travel friendly than clunky, traditional Kelly kettles, and even comes with a waterproof drybag that’ll clip onto your rucksack when you’re hiking. Whilst you could always boil up water on a camping stove, this is a fail-safe, light-anywhere option that is also a real pleasure to use. If you want a bigger model, the Storm Kettle Shop have myriad styles and sizes, and other hardy outdoor goodies too, including axes, lanterns and reindeer pelts (best shopping list ever).




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