Review: Thule RoundTrip Transition bike case

My review of the Thule RoundTrip Transition case, £444.95, which makes taking your cherished bike on international trips a breeze. As modelled by Katie, on an epic cycle around Lake Como.

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Product Description: “This hard shell premium bike case with integrated bike work stand makes traveling with your bike simple. The combination of ABS construction and the aluminum Click-Rail protects bike during transport. Integrated bike stand doubles as a convenient bike holder and work stand. Nylon wheel bags prevent frame and wheel contact. Integrated wheels for easy transport.”

Prepping your bike: The Transition case is super spacious, making it a doddle to pop your bike in, but once inserted, your precious frame sits snugly in the internal stand and doesn’t rattle around at all, minimising the risk of any damage during transit. It’s so roomy that you can even fit two frames in at a pinch. It comes with a removable stand too, which helps with dismantling the bike before transit and is handy for general maintenance as well, once you’re on the road.

It’s worth reading up on the best way to dismantle your bike before you begin – wheels fit neatly into nylon bags that protect the frame from them during the trip, and pedals and handlebars need to come off, too. We learned the hard way that a bit of WD40 is a lifesaver if your pedals are a little stiff. Thule’s video, below, shows you exactly how to dismantle your bike for safe travel.

Travelling: As you can see (by using normal-sized Katie as a guide) the Thule is a bit of a giant. If your car is titchy it’s definitely worth doing some careful measuring before you buy one, to avoid a sinking feeling the day before your flight when you realise it won’t fit in the back of your Mini. Despite its size, though, the case is lightweight and easily portable, with strong wheels which’ll withstand being dragged about myriad airports. The size and durability of the outer shell come into their own when you’re waving goodbye to your precious bike in customs, knowing it’ll be safe in the hold.

thule1 Thule RoundTrip Transition Review

Thule RoundTrip Transition Review – Verdict: The Transition is everything you need to keep your bike safe on long trips. Reliable and robust, it stayed in perfect condition on the trip to Italy and back, despite getting chucked unceremoniously in and out of the car and on and off planes. The dismantling and assembling takes a bit of know-how, but it’s totally worth the effort when you’re finally flying down a faraway hill on your favourite wheels. If you’ve got yourself a beautiful bike that’s itching to get on the road for a summer of overseas adventures, the Transition is definitely worth the investment.

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