Lovely bits of kit!

More things that I, like, totally dig. A little roundup of awesome gadgets, useful gizmos and things that are just downright pretty that I’ve been fangirling over recently.


1. Sugru Putty, £12.99 from Sugru

This incredible putty isn’t your average Playdoh stuff. Oh no. On first contact it’s supple and malleable, but left overnight it hardens to concrete-like firmness. It’ll fix things in place like a pro but it’s easy to remove if you need to. I’ve already patched up my ancient bike – next I’m going to attempt to make these awesome twig coat hooks.

2. Customisable iPhone case, £14.99 from Mr Nutcase

The perfect present for an aspiring outdoors photographer. Nutcase will take your pretty pictures and print you out a sturdy custom iPhone case for under £15. I’m now proudly toting around mine with my favourite picture from the Isle of Skye emblazoned on it. You can save your pennies and get 10% off a case by using the code “Thanku10”, too.

3. Deep Heat patches, £4.59 for two from Boots

I wasn’t an enthusiastic Deep Heater for a long time. The pungent gel definitely works on sore muscles, but it also smells strong enough to repel any bears who might otherwise be interested in giving you a sniff (actually, maybe that’s a good thing). Their new heat pads, however, are clearly sent by the Running Fairies. Odourless, lightweight and easy to use, you simply open up the foil packet and stick the patch on your achy muscle. They quickly warm up and soothe all the pain away, and the heat lasts for hours.

4. Nutter tool, £39.99 from Full Windsor

All your biking needs in one dinky leather pouch? Yes please. The Nutter’s lovely caramel leather case hides many treasures within, including a tyre lever, spoke key, tool bits, screw drivers and a bottle opener, all slotted into pockets made out of recycled inner tubes. It’s made for those moments when you’re miles from home with a broken bit of bike (or, um, a beer with a top on it. That’s an emergency too). It weighs just 110g and the case straps neatly onto your bike body or behind your seat. Lovely stuff.

5. Waterless wash kit, £10.99 from Filthy Fox

Do you morph into a smelly dreadlocked hippy at festivals? It’s tough looking like an upstanding member of society when the sole washing facilities are a freezing cold tap a mile’s walk from your tent, especially when the sun is shining down like a halogen bulb and you slightly overdid the buckets of cider last night. Luckily for you, Filthy Fox are here to rescue you from grime, with their handy waterless wash kit. It includes shampoo, body wash, conditioner, cleaning wipes and disposable toothbrushes, all in a little canvas bag you can chuck in your rucksack.

6. Rite in the rain, £7 from Rohan

Ooh it’s so CLEVER. A notebook with a name that saves me doing much explaining, really – you can write on it when it’s wet. Ideal for travelling or if, like me, your job occasionally involves standing in the middle of a field in a thunderstorm with rain drops rolling off your eyebrows and all over your notes.

7. Fox Tor Beanie, £18 from Dewerstone

You may not have heard of new gear guys Dewerstone yet, but they’re about to become every climber’s wardrobe staple. Based in Dartmoor and fuelled by a love of rock and wilderness, their women’s range includes luxe sweats and fluoro racerback vests that are perfect for bouldering. My favourite piece is their unisex Fox Tor beanie, made from 100% Merino wool, which is so comfy that I plan to wear it for the rest of time.


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  1. July 7, 2014 / 3:25 pm

    Thank you for featuring our notebooks! Have you had the opportunity to use them in a thunderstorm with raindrops falling off your eyebrows and all over your notes yet?

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